A lot of people think that they can test and assess a drug instantly and reap the benefits, whilst this may be true for some very fast acting drugs, it eclipses a lot of other strategies that can be equally effective if given a few weeks, and a lot of people end up missing out on a lot of useful treatment chemicals because they didn’t give it a chance to work.

It’s very important for people to give drugs a chance to react. all drugs have different effects short term, mid term and long term, most clinical studies persists more than a week.

So people have to be patient, especially for people that take a drug once or twice and decides it is not for them.

There is a biological process to this I suspect as well, the first time your body seems to be prone to overreact with dizziness and all sorts of side effects that often disappear 1 or 2 days down the line (sometimes a week for some drugs), and the benefits start showing up later. 

The fact is the first time you try anything it is a “shock” to your system, the first dose is probably more than your body is used to, which is why you get woozy or feel other side effects, or for some people you get an uplifting effect that disappears a few days down the line. 


The true effect of even a short term drug often doesn’t appear until at least 3 days after the first dose, and that’s for a short-term drug. For something like Prozac, you can expect to wait up to two months before concluding it is useless.

Of course this doesn’t mean you shouldn’t expect an instant effect, in a lot of cases the effects of drugs are pretty fast acting, its just sometimes the drug can overwhelm your body and sense for the first few days and give you uncomfortable feelings.

On the other hand people should always start low and escalate slowly, a lot of drugs like ultra-low dose naltrexone have actually a better effect at lower doses than higher doses. for example, a lot of people report 5mg memantine works well enough for psychological benefits, whilst the stated official dosage is 20mg a day. there are people attempting things like 100mg of memantine as soon as they get it. 

And of course if something is causing highly suspicious side effects especially circulatory or breathing issues, please stop immediately and ring up the appropriate emergency healthcare if the situation seems bad.

– Khemcorp Thoughts


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