Anyone who is not a neurotypical – be it brain damaged from natural cerebral disasters, degenerative diseases or born neuro dysfunctional and different. Knows that medical institutions have a severe limitation when it comes to addressing problems of the mind. Or any problem not deemed worthy of the medical institution to address. In this article I wish to talk about why that is, and I wish to discuss why bio-hacking is our responsibility and our best chance at recovering, finding our life’s mission and making a stake in the world.

We have all been to the doctor once. Told him or her our cognitive or physical problems and have had THAT skeptical gaze upon us, from a neurotypical elite who has gone through 7 years of med school examination, pondering why we are creating our problems from “ over worrying” or other self-imagined problems.

It’s hardly a stretch of imagination to understand that a doctor who has successfully completed school in flying colours, and had the funding and background to go into med school, probably had never personally experienced mental difficulty in his or her life.  This person could not possibly fathom that the human being is a lot more frail than otherwise.

And that’s not the doctors problem, nor within his expertise. You see the medical industry is built around treating symptoms and keeping people alive and is for the most part based on the thorough traditional  routine education and many trials and approvals before any procedure or treatment is deemed the standard.

That’s why from a scientific perspective your single anecdotal report is of irrelevant to the doctor or medical industry, as it doesn’t prove anything. You could be imagining it or framing yourself as a victim, however the human body/mind is very complicated and scientists are only beginning to vague understand its working. Evidence-based medicine is on the rise, but its still much neglected in modern healthcare, bio-hacking or neuromodulation is even more off the radar, often branded as alternative medicine. Odd when much of bio-hacking or experimental treatments are based on evidence based science.

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To understand why there is such a lack of focus on treating individual problems. One must understand the approach the medical industry has taken from a much more abstract view than just “costs versus life.” The human body is indeed an incredibly machine capable of advance self repair, broken bones are put back in place with the expectations that healing will occur naturally. At the age of 3 language skills are expected to be developed naturally without much structured education. When we lose our loved ones we cope, we rationalise, we grieve and move on. In pre-modern medicine, many now proven “sham” treatments were believed to work, simply because the human body does tend to mend itself rather well.