Very interesting reading.

I have been quite successful at reducing my dosage thanks to Proglumide, Memantine and Agmatine (I never had the time and patience to try the low dose of Naltrexone however I had such succes with the rest it never been a necessity).

I am wondering however, in the end of the post, you said :

Among our research we found a secret never been used new opiate tolerance reversal chemical that we are going to investigate, see if you can find it in the papers : )

I understand you intended it to be a little fun and an incitative to read the paper however personnaly I do not really have the luxury of the time to do so. I was hoping you wouldn’t mind letting me know what you were refering to ?

Thank you for everything, what you did, allowing us to have access to this molecule, had a tremendous impact on my life’s quality and I am sure I was not the only one. I doubt you will hear this enough so in my name and for all the others who won’t let you know, thank you !! For making this possible, we are all grateful that your choices had this positive impact on a lot of people.


Just wanted to post this (He said it was okay for us to use his responses).

First of all I am glad this stuff is helping some people. I know it doesn’t always work for everyone, hopefully the ratio was indeed the problem for Proglumide, that higher dosages of Proglumide are required for very high opiate dosages. The response curve seems linear according to research.

As for cycling between the three chemicals Agmatine, Proglumide, and Memantine. This is an strategy that I use often for pretty much everything, good to hear it works for others too. 

There is common sense to this, as generally using a drug consistently without a break will create tolerance. I am starting to believe drug tolerance is universal at least to all psychotropics, it probably isn’t much different for the above 3, but then we do find that tolerance tend to level off for a period of few years before spiking up

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I am not sure whether Memantine should be used sporadically or simply as a completely long term solution, as Memantine has a plasma half-life of 100 hours, anecdotally a lot of users report anti-tolerance effects for 10mg, administrated 30 minutes before the administration of the actual target drug.

As I mentioned in my other post, the clinically accepted way of using Memantine is by titrating from 5mg up to 20mg daily. I personally love it, as it has nootropic effects, cushions withdrawal and rebound and is a tolerance reversal agent. Each to their own I suppose. Memantine does seem to have its own effects for 7-8 hours instantly which is very weird considering its long half life.

Even for energy drinks I cycle between VPX’s Redline Xtreme and and Lucozade Xtra, both which I love. (Lucozade Xtra is a special mind boosting drink thats only available in Asia I think).

– Thoughts from Khemcorp

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