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Kratom Dragon is no longer functional, we formed this website because we ordered from them and never got the product.


Hi and welcome to Khemcorp, we are 100% dedicated to delivering quality and authentic product to your doorstep. Our motto is miscellaneous items for enhanced research. As far as we are aware Kratom Dragon is no longer functional, we are still delivering goods.


All our products are guaranteed for quality, we have a 100% money back guarantee provided the product is returned. Please check out our khem blog for precise and helpful information.  

22/16/2016 Update: Bitcoin Payments working again – now using . Homepage is deprecated and needs to be upgraded.

12/08/2015 Update: Stripe (Paypal Alternative) operational. Please read for technical information about ratios of Proglumide to opiate dosage.

We have Proglumide in stock available right now, and delivery can be made as fast as the next day. Proglumide Order Here.

Click here for the Certificate of Analysis. (STC is no small testing enterprise, we paid good money for the testing) Here is their about page.


If you want your Proglumide on time, we highly (emphasize highly again), recommend you go with the EMS (Tracking Courier) option, instead of standard airmail.
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What is Memantine?

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What is Oxytocin?

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What is Agmatine Sulphate?

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What are Bitcoins? Where do I buy them? How do I pay with Bitcoins? – Khemcorp’s Guide on Bitcoins

I like Paypal. Why is it unavailable?

We liked Paypal too – we used them for half a year from the launch of this website. Until right before the New Years Eve of 2014, a supposedly happy time for most people. Paypal decided to freeze khemcorps account, as well as a bunch of other linked accounts completely unrelated to chemical businesses. Yes we were screwed by Paypal. I later learned online this happens often, and that Paypal makes its money by earning interest on holding people’s money hostage. It was alerted to my account after an unusually large sum was deposited for a sale made on a completely different website. I have still not managed to get my money back yet and have no idea if I will ever. We were stupid and naive to trust Paypal.

I wish I discovered this website way before we got banned to know about how Paypal really treats its customers.

As a result we are “permanently limited” aka banned from Paypal. So we are looking into other options.

For Bitcoins please check out the article : What are Bitcoins? Where do I buy them? How do I pay with Bitcoins? – Khemcorp’s Guide on Bitcoins

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