Dear Readers and Customers,

Hello all, we thought it is about time and need to address this issue of how Covid-19 is affecting our current operations and why service has been not 100% for two months now.

To understand the current situation we need to go back to 2018. The timeline is important because it helps us understand why some customers were accidentally neglected and reader questions unanswered.

So, in 2018 I wanted to create a community research platform to solve health issues, this resulted in, a website where people can aggregate research and solve problems together. It was a lot of work and ultimately didn’t pay off because –

In the summer of 2018 Google out of nowhere rolled an update that completely diverted search traffic to mainstream megacorp websites. Crowd/DIY research done by biohackers like me were suddenly wiped off the face of Google, even if all our articles are rooted in research.

Traffic at Khemcorp and my other sites declined to zero, so we concentrated and payed attention mostly to  Amazon, where all our sales are now located.

Amazon strictly does not allow websites to integrate with them directly, this meant checking emails (which in Khemcorp was spammed by junk mail) and checking Amazon messages is extremely unstreamlined. On top of this, Khemcorp’s founder answers most inquiries himself due to the complex nature of a lot of the issues people are dealing with.

Yet people actually kept going back to this website and ordering directly. We realized pretty late that orders were still coming through on the main website, and started addressing those.

That’s when the virus hit. It devastated our supply chain. Our manufacturer had shipments stuck, raw components couldn’t be easily obtained (such as the aluminum envelope we pack Oxytocin with), and many tiny things in the supply chain we are trying to iron out. We are still working to restore everything.

From mid-February, which was on top of Chinese New Year which usually slows down things anyways. So it was a double whammy, and we haven’t really recovered from that.

Needless to say, this obviously disrupted our entire process from manufacturing to delivery.

If there are unanswered messages and emails, I severely apologize. It was a combination of many factors, not only Covid-19 that decreased our performance as a business drastically. I am very very sorry for the lack of communication. It has been very difficult to keep this going.

We hope to restore our products soon. We will be looking at merging our research platform with Khemcorp. We will be working hard to restore communications with anyone who has made an order but didn’t receive it due to various reasons.

We aim to restore operations fully by the end of April, and at the latest May. If things do not go well, we will give one more update and start moving everything to just becoming a repository of knowledge for people in the future.

We understand if we have broken a sense of trust. Thanks for sticking around for so many years!

-Founder, Khemcorp