test post – hello? and questions re UK delivery

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gedimun asked 4 years ago

this is mostly a test post to see if anyone is out there…

I sent an email through the contact form and no reply yet so thought I’d say hello. 
I find this site very interesting but have some reservations. In some way it’s too good to be true. I suffer from SAD, I have an opiate addiction, and I’m just about to have an Autism/ADHD test after some pushing from my therapist. So this site potentially has a lot to offer me… I am about to do an opiate detox so perhaps there may be help in these products. Or just for future opiate use if needed, who knows.
I’m wondering about delivery times to UK, customs fees and customs in general in UK. I don’t want to make a purchase and have it held and I don’t want to have to pay customs fees without knowing in advance that I need to budget for that.

That said, apparently you can still buy things like magic mushrooms or kratom in the UK delivered from EU despite their restrictions. As well as nootropics etc. I have not tried myself though. I just wonder if from HK it’s liable to more suspicion when going through customs…