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Joey B. Wong Staff asked 6 years ago

Hey [Name Removed],
As you probably already know, my order arrived safe and sound… It has been a long and complicated process but we made it and I wanted to thank you for support throughout all this.
I’ve been able to test everything but the low dose Naltrexone to reverse my opiate tolerance.
Here are my subjective result : 
For me, Proglumide works best. I understand I have to be carefull not to devellop tolerance to it. But so far the results are surprisingly good. Not quite magical but not too far either. With a little will I have managed to cut my daily intake by 30% quite easily. I am still not sure if the result will last or subside once I stop taking it but nonetheless it was impressive.
A good second place goes to Memantine. It works. Definetly not placebo, not quite as good as proglumide but a close second. Very interesting since I have to stop Proglumide regularly.
Finally Agmatine. I have been using it (purchase at a bodybuilding place nearby, so that was not your cocktail) for a while. It allowed me not to increase my dosage. Something I never was able to do before. I used yours to compare if there was some sort of difference, there was but it was subtile however I subjectively prefer yours to the plain Agmatine. That being said I was unable to decrease drastically my intake with Agmatine alone. I feel it does help as a supplement to the other two.
I was unable to test Naltrexone (in ultra low dose of course, precipitated withdrawal is not something I want to experiment) so far.
I am curious if my experience is similar to previous testimony you received. And if it is advisable to mix and match all those molecule together or not…
Feel free to quote me as a anonymous satisfied customer if it can help and thank you again for your time.
[Customer Name Removed]