Proglumide worked well. Question about shipping/customs hassle.

Community QuestionsCategory: Anti-Tolerance / Tolerance ReductionProglumide worked well. Question about shipping/customs hassle.
Joey B. Wong Staff asked 6 years ago

Hello [Khemcorp],

I’m glad to report to you that your product worked well for me, and seemed to have staved the habituation effects of my pain meds; for which I am extremely cautious in keeping in check. So thank you for offering such product.

Anyhow, as a result I am interested in procuring more of your Proglumide from you. I am concerned however, given the issues with shipping with my previous order, if my purchase will in fact reach me in a reasonable timeframe. Do you know if delays and/or return-to-sender are common occurrences? And, if so, is there a way to avoid any of these shipping hassles?

At any rate, do let me know if I should go complete the purchase through your online store, or, if you prefer to invoice me via paypal, I am comfortable with that.

Thanks again and sincere regards,
[Customer Name Removed by Khemcorp]