Good advice regarding Proglumide and Charcoal

Community QuestionsGood advice regarding Proglumide and Charcoal
Joey B. Wong Staff asked 5 years ago

Hi Khemcorp,
I got this from when Kratom Dragon was still around. Thought other people might find this useful:
It’s best to start off using just one tablet until you get used to how it will affect you. Generally speaking one tablet is enough to see some good results. Some say there are added benefits to a cap, 30 minutes before your dose. REMEMBER … Your 1st time trying Proglumide you may not want to take your usual full dose. As a starting point many people take about 75% + of their usual…. Many end up with about 80% of their usual. However, some may still prefer 100% of their regular. It really is different for each person as there are variables such as weight, dosage, tolerance etc. You should notice increased analgesia as well as other positive effects. Some users may find that they need two tablets or a booster tablet later on, 3-4hours in, to get a second wind from their dose. It is important to know that your body will adjust and develop a tolerance to this product. Many people either use it one day on and then two days off, or 5 days on and then 8 days off…to hinder tolerance development. Generally speaking, one should take at least as many days off as you have used product before once again achieving the best possible effects.
Taking over 4 tablets in a 24 hour period may cause digestive discomfort, It is also important to remember that everyone’s body chemistry is different. Only you know what is best for you!
Activated Charcoal Caps (260mg)
*Should you feel that you misjudged a dose…?
activated charcoal can absorb many things safely. 4-6 tabs will knock just about anything
Back to normal. It even seems to help when taken hours after, but is most beneficial
when used as soon as you feel uncomfortable. It is completely safe and free of any other
adulterants and is food grade. It has no side effects other than the fact it will absorb most
any other supplement, med, etc. that may still be in your digestive system. It works very quickly
as it moves through out the digestive system. It can be found in health food stores, online, and in many drug stores (CVS and Walmart are almost always stocked).