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Joey B. Wong Staff asked 6 years ago

I have a few questions about your oxytocin nasal spray.
First of all, what’s the recommended dose? Somewhere on your site I read 10 IU in the morning and 10 IU in the evening. Your spray gives about 14 IU per spray. So, should I take it once or twice a day?
How can you prove this is effective – and not sugar water? Do you have analysis reports?
If I order this, would it go without problems through the customs?
What are your shipment options and how much do they cost? I live in Belgium and I’m can patiently wait for a few weeks.
Somewhere on the site, I read about melatonine. Do you also sell this? In my country, it’s available without prescription but in low dosis. (Only 0,050 mg per pill. That might be enough for other people, but does not help me.)
I saw you prefer payment via Bitcoin. I never used that before. Do you have a safe alternative? (If not, give me some time to figure out how to do a transaction with Bitcoins. I guess I should learn that anyway.)
Thanks in advance for your reply.
Best regards,
[Name Removed]

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Khemcorp_Response answered 5 years ago

I think we answered your questions in an e-mail. Spray should be every 3 hours I believe 3-4 times a day, one spray per nostril.  As for analysis we have HPLC and NMR, we are working to test in a higher standard though, Melatonin? I recommend the advanced sleep formula from iherb from Natrol