delivery time

Sander asked 5 years ago

You are promissing a prromt 3 to 4 days delivery and even charge extra for that service but, my order is after 1 week still in “processing”. Whats with that?

1 Answers
Khemcorp_Response answered 5 years ago

Hello, Your order has been shipped, will e-mail you your tracking number in a bit. Sorry about that, we have been having logistical problems, hence there is a big warning on the hello bar, which says delays of up to two weeks, your order was shipped with courier as promised. Will e-mail you. Sorry about this but this is due to our website having a spike of purchases in Feb/March which created a huge backlog of orders. As you know the Oxytocin needs to be prepared in batches because once it’s in liquid it starts to degrade. This means there is no way for us to fullfill large amounts of orders, at around 100 orders we basically can’t do it without suffering impact to our quality of customer care. So thats why there has been price increase and warning on top of the website. We are getting on top of the problem. Best regards, -Khemcorp