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I took ONE 200mg tab of proglumide 8 days ago and my tolerance is still drastically lower.

I cant believe it. I went from taking 60-90 mg of oxy at a time to 15 mg at a time

However now I am experiencing significant anxiety because I am still not used to feeling the effects of the opiates like this. I am hoping I will go back to “normal” soon or at least become somewhat tolerant again.

It’s just crazy / incredible how effective this medication is

 – Uno 22 –

Okay so the first night I took it was about 7:30pm. I’d already dosed with opes earlier in the day, maybe 4-5 hours prior? I didn’t have a scale yet (seriously though get one to measure out the doses) and I just kind of eyeballed what I figured would be around 200-250mgs, which I later found out I was off (under) by a bit.

I did the prog about 10-15 minutes prior to dropping 120mgs of DHC. Up until this point that does didn’t do much for me. My tolerance had been building up pretty steadily over the past few months to the point where I had to abstain for a good 2 weeks or so (and by abstain I mean only taking kratom daily, around 30gs or so) to catch a buzz. And even then I only got one at about 30-45mgs hydro, or about 240mgs DHC on the first day back to taking either of those two, and then nothing much else after.

But with the prog and the 120mg DHC I DEFINITELY caught a buzz off it. More than I had at that dose in quite a while. So okay, awesome this stuff works I thought.

Later that night I think I tried it again without results that were quite as good. Then around 6 or 7 am I tried once more, again with only mild results. I think this could of been because I was dosing too close together, but still…

Next couple of days have been the same. Mild results, not quite as good as the first try, but still it’s definitely doing something. I’m not putting a huge dent in my tolerance, but it is allowing me to actually get some effects at doseages (120 DHC, 15mg hydro) I would feel next to nothing on. So it’s kind of working for me, though I’m not sure exactly how much. I think I’m going to try another week of kratom and a week off of the normal stuff I take and then resume the prog etc when I get some more DHC. At this point I’ve been taking proglumide for 4 days.

Now on the flipside of this my gf who’s been building a tiny amount of tolerance also participated in the experiment and it actually did wonders for her. Usually she only needs 80mgs DHC or 7.5mg hydro to catch a nice buzz, and with the proglumide at half those amounts she said it felt just the same or even better.

So… I’m gonna keep trying to experiment. I got a butt-ton of it so why not? I’ll keep everybody updated as to the results n such.

– Omega man 5000 –

I’m writing to get your opinion about an anti-inflammatory drug called ‘proglumide’.  This drug was used primarily for GI issues but has the unique characteristics of reducing opiate tolerance.  It works as a cholecystokinin antagonist, the wikipedia link is here.  I’d like to let you know, that whatever the opinion is out there about this drug, I can say that it really works.  I had to take a trip to canada for work, and while I was there I did a ‘cycle’ of Afloxan, which is not proglumide, but metabolizes into proglumide.  I thought this would be better than nothing and in going to canada, I took with me exactly 21 pills of afloxan, 12 10mg hydrocodone, 3 20mg oxycodone, and some number of kratom ‘pills’ i had made for myself (junkies can be real creative when they want to avoid dopesickness).

So the result was a very abrupt and rapid taper off of 160mg of oxycodone per day, and I was very very comfortable the entire time.  I might have lost about 2 or 3 hours of sleep a night but that was about it.  I realize this isnt exactly a ‘clinical’ setting and my observations are about as scientific as a subluxation, but the effects were definitely not placebo.

Have you heard of this drug?  And if so have you ever considered using it to withdraw people from opiates?

– Suboxone talk zone –

I recently got my hands on some Proglumide, and I just tried it today for the first time, and I have to say WOW!! I have been off Morphine for the last week or so after relapsing a bit, I’ve been on a taper for a couple months but messed that up recently….anyway…

So I took about 250 – 300mgs (I don’t have a scale but from the amount I have I’m pretty sure I was somewhat in that range) and then I took my prescribed dose of 180mgs Avinza, and holy SHIT, did I get HIGH! I started kinda nodding a bit which would NEVER happen at that dose, and I then puked my guts out after about 2 or 3 hours, which hasn’t happened in AGES and only from taking too much Morphine.

I am very pleased with these results, and this may just be the thing that allows me to get my tolerance down and keep it that way, maybe I’ll even be able to conserve my script and save up some extra just in case of, an emergency of some kind.

I will keep reporting back as I continue to experiment with this amazing drug.

Also, I don’t start experiencing WD symptoms until at least 36 hours now **(ONLY when I take my Avinza as directed without crushing the beads does this happen, the Proglumide allows me to get more out of each dose, keeping me feeling a nice little buzz all day long which, again, ONLY happens if I take as directed)

Today, I took about 500mgs of Proglumide, 1 gram of DL- Phenylalanine, along with a 25mg Benadryl, 4mg Tizanidine, 10mg Baclofen, and 1mg Xanax all at least 30 – 45mins before ingesting my scripted dose of 180mgs of Morphine, but THIS time I crushed ‘ em all up nice and fine tossed those fuckers down around 1:30pm, and I gotta say, I’m feeling fucking INCREDIBLE.

I haven’t felt this high in well over a year, easily. I know I’ve got a little cocktail of things in me to potentiate, but I’ve used all these different drugs before to attain this wonderful high that I’m riding out, and I sure as shit NEVER got THIS FUCKING SNOOKERED.

Proglumide, you are my hero, Let’s hope now I can maintain and even drop my daily dose of Avinza for the next week and get by with no discomfort.


Isn’t the goal of your taper to eventually step off Morphine completely? I would think taking a dose of Morphine and Proglumide that just keeps you well (not super high) should be what you are trying to achieve.

You are absolutely correct, I only crushed up the beads on 2 separate days, once with Proglumide as my only potentiator and I still got fairly high, that warm and fuzzy blanket of happiness coating your entire body, I hadn’t felt that good in a few years, no bullshit.

The next day I crushed the beads again but THIS time with a small handful of potentiators, along with Proglumide of course, so that I could see how fast and hard, and high, that I could become. Well….. GOD DAMN, that was the best high I’ve had in years and I don’t say that shit lightly AT ALL,. I was nodding in and out all day long, it was simply sublime.

I still haven’t gone over my scripted dose, this shit is POTENT.

For the last 2 days now I’ve cut my dose by a small fraction, I am rx’d 180mgs Avinza each day;

On Saturday I took around 120 – 130mgs, swallowed whole, I didn’t even crush the beads although it was tempting, since it kicks in so quickly that way.

On Sunday, I took the same dose as I had taken Saturday, about 120 – 130mgs, more or less, it’s hard to measure out those little beads, I really need a Milligram scale but I’m pretty sure I’m eyeball estimates are close enough.

TODAY: I took about 110 – 130mgs around 6:45AM today along with about 250 – 350mgs Proglumide…I’ll continue updating as the days roll on….

Hmm, light bulb just turned on! Or was that a fart? Anyway, I just thought of maybe starting a thread about my Morphine taper, if anyone is interested that is. I really would like to document my experiences about it and where better to do it than here at Opiophile. And it could help me as well, starting a journal/diary/whatever documenting my daily and/or weekly updates. I know that spending time here and writing a lot helps and has helped me get through many WD days.


– Opiated Chronically –

Any one know what country’s proglumide is still available in? I used to order it from India, Iran and once from some where in Europe.

For those that don’t know proglumide is what I consider it’s weight in gold. It temporarily decreases tolerance and slows it’s development. There is a good article here ( I have one pill left and can’t make myself take it, saving it for I don’t know what but it really is the best potentiators I have ever tried. Ever since I posted where I was getting my proglumide a long while back when that was still allowed the shit just disappeared from the net. It is a defunct pharmaceutical but all of the safety research has been done. I haven’t checked into buying it in bulk chemical form but that was the only way I could find it last time I checked.

My doctor is really cool, like I asked him if I could have some proglumide and he asked why, I told him and he had no problem, it just isn’t prescribed any more and I couldn’t find a pharmacy that stalked it, he looked it up in his database and he couldn’t find it either.

Any Euro philes know if it is still available? It was an ulcer medication, turned out it didn’t work all that well for that purpose. For keeping tolerance down and the magic alive it is the best med I’ve found.

Any one know of a legitimate pharmacy that still stocks this, online or other wise, I know I can get the RX for it. If that statement is pushing it feel free to edit it out.

I’ve managed to pick my self up a pretty nasty dope habbit, again. Usually when I kick I switch to tramadol, use lots of benadryl and flexeral and within a couple weeks I’m clean. This habbit is diffferent though, 500 mgs of tramadol dosn’t hold me. I think the problem is last time I had 100mg time released tramadol and this time I got the 50mg IR tramadol. Seeing as tramadol has to be metabolized into an opiate I find the IR tramadol to feel more like a high dose of an SSR than an opiate. Any ways I’m going to outline what I’m doing this time to try to kick, hopefully this information will help some one else in a similar sitiation or maybe some one could provide addtional info to help me.I ordered 30 400mg Milid, also known as proglumide. It’s a drug once used to treat ulcers that is no longer in use because of advances in ulcer medication. The drug, from what I read in K. Trouts paper on erowid…es_info3.shtml , can reverse morphine tolerance or atleast stop you from building a tolerance that is higher than what I already have. I’ve decided to kick with my best friend. I know I can’t quit unless she does as well, I can’t sit by while my friend goes through severe WD.So this is what I’m doing. I bought 8 bags of dope, large $50 that are near a 1/2 gram of high quality each. I cooked all the dope up, 4 bags for me and 4 for my friend. Each morning we take a 1/2 proglumide tablet, 3 robotussin couhg gells as well as a large glass of grapefruit juice. An hour later we do our shots which get smaller each day. I used 200 units of water for the 4 bags. I also added a small amount of naltrexone to the dope, a 1/4 mg in each of our jars. We started at 25 and went down 2 units a day till we hit ten, then it goes down by one till we hit 5 at which time we’ll either go cold turkey or go buprenorphine for a few days then quite. The thing is this plan didn’t exactly pan out we got to 11 and eneded up in sever WD, So I got us 2 more bags each and were going at it one unit at a time. The thing is after 7 days of pruglumide you have to switch off of it for a week, so I have to attack the hardest part with out it. The stuff is amazing, in just a week I dropped my tolerance so much that the shots I was doing to maintain would probably kill me now.Does any one have any experience with proglumide, if so how much did you use for how long etc. I have quite using heroin to taper before, the trick is to have some one else hold on to it and give you only what you need each day so you don’t just burn through it.

– SuperJunky –

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