Ultra Strong Lidocaine Anesthetic Cream 10.56% 30 grams

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Plastic Surgery Grade and Ultra Strong Lidocaine cream from Korea, perfect for combating opiod-histamine induced itching. Instant relief, a lot stronger than other lidocaine creams.

We also highly recommend this for other illnesses/problems that cause itching and cannot be resolved with steroid based cream, or that steroid based creams are thinning or damage the skin structure too much.



Plastic Surgery Grade and Ultra Strong Lidocaine cream from Korea. Perfect for combating opiate and histamine induced itching. Instant relief and a lot stronger than other Lidocaine creams.

At 10.56%, this in the strongest cream available for skin anaesthesia and cannot be found on Ebay or Amazon.

At 30 grams this cream is much larger than the thin 10 gram tubes coming from your local pharmacies. Making it suitable for the large area of itching that opioids often causes during the histamine release phase.

Itching is largely caused by histamine release which triggers inflammatory responses in the skin, one side effect of histamine release is sudden itching seemingly underneath the skin, this kind of itching is known as pruritus. We figured out that it makes much more sense to treat itching with a powerful local aesthetic rather than steroid creams or just moisturising.

We also recommend this for illnesses/problems that cause intense itching yet cannot be resolved with steroid based creams, of steroid based creams are thinning or damage the skin structure too much.

Lidocaine creams do not cause the thinning that steroid based creams do. Unlike steroid based creams, they also impart no false immune system signals to the skin

Additionally, this cream is also great for treating premature ejaculation (apply sparingly to the tip).

Tip: To increase absorption drastically wrap cling film around the site of cream application, for best effects apply the cream thinly over a large area, in general if itching persists its not because the cream is not strong enough, but that the cream is simply not on the area that is actually itching.

Warning: Lidocaine is generally very safe. However exercise caution when applying this cream. Apply this cream sparingly first before increasing the amount. This cream is a local anaesthetic, applying it to open wounds may cause absorption of Lidocaine into the bloodstream which would cause mild general transient anaesthesia.

Whilst most people are tolerant of Lidocaine in high doses, effects to watch out for are irregular heartbeats, nervousness, disorientation, dizziness and metallic taste in the tongue. This is a sign of early nervous system excitement. If such side effects occur, immediately stop and wash off the Lidocaine on your skin, if symptoms gets worst then call emergency services.

Chronic histamine release is not healthy and is one of the side effects with diminishing returns of higher dosages of opiates, it is also a symptom of skin diseases such as eczema. Steroid creams and Lidocaine creams only treat the symptom but not the cause.


Lidocaine, Methylparaben, Glyceryl Monostearate, Isopropyl Myristate, Carbomer, Propylene Glycol, Purified Water, Stearly Alchohol, Polyoxyl 40 Hydrogenated Caster Oil, Ethanol


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