Q-wiz Elemental

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Multiple modalities of neurofeedback training. Real-time LED display of bio-signal. Beautifully designed and built to last.

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Portable. Powerful. The Q-Wiz Elemental.

The Wiz suite of products support EEG, ECG, EMG, SCP, HEG (nIR & pIR), skin temperature and Pulse Oximetry bio-signal acquisition. They require software such as BioExplorer or EEGer for the PC, and BioEra for Tablet, together with sensors – electrodes for ExG, headbands for HEG, or a Pulse Oximeter – to complete a biofeedback system. Check out our comprehensive review of all Wiz products from Pocket Neurobics.

Designed with convenience in mind, the Q-Wiz Elemental is a safe and easy way to collect EEG brain wave data from anywhere. Capable of capturing electrical brain activity through electrode connections, you can then effortlessly store the information through both wireless and USB access.

Utilising the latest in 24-bit precision technology. The Q-wiz is capable of 4 bio-signal channels. These can be 4 ExG signals or a combination of ExG and HEG, or HEG only. It is the preferred product when both ExG and HEG modalities are required. It can also interface to a 19 or 21-ch eeg cap, where a mix of 4 eeg channels is selected from the 21 available. The selection of eeg channels can be adjusted on the fly. This makes it particularly suited to speedy assessment procedures like the Van Deusen TLC assessment.

The Q-Wiz comes with a simple dual-button control (Mode and Link/Freeze) as well as seamless interface with popular EEG acquisition software such as BioExplorer and Wiz Central. The device even allows for heart rate monitoring using a finger sensor. The Q-Wiz can operate as a single channel eeg, 2-channel eeg, 3-channel eeg, or 4-channel eeg. The E/U- wiz can operate as single or two channel eeg. If using EEG, EEG Channel 1 must be one of the channels being used, however there are no constraints on which other channels are used. A Ground connection (“gnd”) is also required for all EEG configurations. Thus the minimum arrangement for EEG use is three electrodes: 1+, 1-, and gnd.

The Wiz is a 24-bit resolution, directly coupled device. However the default mode of operation is to slowly remove the DC component of the EEG so the signal does not wander and potentially move out of range of the PC Application.

With an elegant compact design and a durable red rubber casing, you simply won’t find a more efficient way to collect bio-signals. Device Features Include: • 4 channel EEG • 21-ch EEG Cap interface • 2 channel nIR HEG • 1 channel pIR HEG • Slow Cortical Potential • ECG • EMG • Othmer Low Frequency The Q-Wiz ships with the unit and a USB cable only.