Oxytocin Nasal Spray 60ml 6500 IU V2.0


The second edition of the ONLY spray on the internet with real Oxytocin. Khemcorp has been supplying high-quality Oxytocin for more than 4 years.

Dear Khemcorp,

So much thanks for bringing the oxytocin nasal spray into my life! It reduces my stress and improves my social life and skills. (I did suffer from autism symptoms.)


  • The ONLY spray to have its Oxytocin tested in a 3rd party USA laboratory, to USP Human Grade Standards. (Image on left).
  • The ONLY spray formulated with a proprietary liquid that protects fragile Oxytocin. Also promotes nasal absorption.
  • The ONLY spray that delivers Oxytocin directly past the blood brain barrier.
  • The ONLY spray made after every order to keep long lasting.
  • The ONLY spray to have detailed instructions on how and when to use the spray.
  • FREE 15ml Transport Nasal Spray Bottle.
  • Ice Pack Offer: Now on orders of 2 and above if courier is chosen it will come with special cool gel pack(s).
  • 25% extra Oxytocin to account for degradation.
  • Nozzle spray supplies 12-16IUs LAB Oxytocin per spray, the highest effective doses in studies.

This is a high-tech treatment. (click here to read research summary).

Our product is very large in size at 60ml.

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