Oxytocin Nasal Spray 60ml 6500 IU V2.0


The second edition of the ONLY spray on the internet with real Oxytocin. Khemcorp has been supplying high-quality Oxytocin for more than 4 years.

Dear Khemcorp,

So much thanks for bringing the oxytocin nasal spray into my life! It reduces my stress and improves my social life and skills. (I did suffer from autism symptoms.)


  • The ONLY spray to have its Oxytocin tested in a 3rd party USA laboratory, to USP Human Grade Standards. (Image on left).
  • The ONLY spray formulated with a proprietary liquid that protects fragile Oxytocin. Also promotes nasal absorption.
  • The ONLY spray that delivers Oxytocin directly past the blood brain barrier.
  • The ONLY spray made after every order to keep long lasting.
  • The ONLY spray to have detailed instructions on how and when to use the spray.
  • FREE 15ml Transport Nasal Spray Bottle.
  • Ice Pack Offer: Now on orders of 2 and above if courier is chosen it will come with special cool gel pack(s).
  • 25% extra Oxytocin to account for degradation.
  • Nozzle spray supplies 12-16IUs LAB Oxytocin per spray, the highest effective doses in studies.

This is a high-tech treatment. (click here to read research summary).

Our product is very large in size at 60ml.

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Oxytocin is a human chemical signal molecule that is low in people with deficient social skills (such as autism) and high in people talented with socializing.

Specifically, by artificially increasing the amount of Oxytocin in your brain. Your life can change by being naturally able to be socially calibrated without the anxiety and energy drain.

You will no longer get tired of social interactions, rather you gain an ability to enjoy them. You will be able to read emotions off people’s faces, look at others in the eye without flinching in a empathetic way.

If you have never felt “sociable” or normal – Oxytocin will activate social circuits you never knew existed within you.

All humans need love, and Oxytocin promotes relationships with others, which can be life-changing for people who have had difficulty forming relationships with others their entire lives.

The evidence is piling that Oxytocin applied nasally (the only method it can cross into the brain).

For autistic people, you can just consider this as a hack/augmentation to switch on social skills for 3-4 hours. Our sublingual Propranolol works superbly paired with this.

For far more detailed information about the specifics of Oxytocin Nasal Spray’s effects and how to use – please visit our extremely comprehensive Frequently Asked Questions on Oxytocin Nasal Spray.

We thoroughly recommend EMS shipping of Oxytocin to reduce the chance and time of the liquid will be subjected to environments above room temperature. Once you receive it – please keep it refrigerated most of the time.

Unlike other companies, we do not lie. Oxytocin in aqueous formulations will quickly degrade over time in relation to the amount of heat it is being exposed.

Bonus Feature: We now offer the Oxytocin powder separate in a vial if requested as a note upon checkout.

Which is why our Oxytocin is designed with stability in mind, utilising the right ph for less chance of degradation with our proprietary buffer.

Our Oxytocin liquid is reconstituted/made as per order to reduce the chance of Oxytocin degrading under hot conditions of over 30 Celsius. Oxytocin powder is very stable – which is why we store it like that.

To account for heat degradation, all products have an extra 25% amount of Oxytocin in it than stated.

Nozzle spray supplies approximately 12-16IU’s of Oxytocin per spray, this is the highest effective dose in studies. Exact dosing and methodology is provided with the bottle.

The Oxytocin is mixed at levels found effective according to research material, on top of this the Oxytocin we obtained is of human grade and not the veterinary grade found in most products.

We use our own proprietary trisodium base buffer for our peptide solution, this solution is designed to specifically keep Oxytocin stable in liquid form and match the biology of the human mucous membranes to absorb rapidly in the nasal cavity.

Our Oxytocin is tested in the ACTA United States laboratory – matching the level of United States Pharmacopeia reference standards. Meaning it’s human grade. If you are doubtful you can call them and ask regarding Khemcorp.

Our bottle is large volume compared to others for a very specific reason. Oxytocin degrades in liquids period, so you will have to use more of it as time goes on. This also means we pack a lot more Oxytocin than others (if they even use real Oxytocin).

To help with reducing degradation, we provide a small 15ml transport bottle so that you can keep the main bottle in the fridge.

We use a proprietary buffer that’s designed for nasal adsorption as well as specifically protecting the peptides in the bottle.

Finally, our Oxytocin is prepared in batches before every shipping to prevent degradation. The only time the Oxytocin bottle touches room temperature is the transportation process, even the powder form is kept in cool temperatures from the supplier to Hong Kong.

Unfortunately because of our location our shipping prices are higher than other people.

Khemcorp’s Go Bankcrupt Policy

If your product gets stuck in customs – All products will be offered to be resent or refunded. We also offer a 14 day refund policy.

Oxytocin has a molecular mass of 1007 daltons. One international unit (IU) of oxytocin is the equivalent of about 2 micrograms of pure peptide.

For those new to Oxytocin as a novel treatment for Autism, Social Anxiety and more, click here to read our research summary and dosage suggestions on Oxytocin.

Update: We now have part 2 of the research summary available regarding Oxytocin’s biochemistry and the Stanford clinical trials.


1: Domes G. et al. Neuropsychopharmacology 39, 698-706 (2014) PubMed

Abstract: The neuropeptide oxytocin has recently been shown to enhance eye gaze and emotion recognition in healthy men. Here, we report a randomized double-blind, placebo-controlled trial that examined the neural and behavioral effects of a single dose of intranasal oxytocin on emotion recognition in individuals with Asperger syndrome (AS), a clinical condition characterized by impaired eye gaze and facial emotion recognition. Using functional magnetic resonance imaging, we examined whether oxytocin would enhance emotion recognition from facial sections of the eye vs the mouth region and modulate regional activity in brain areas associated with face perception in both adults with AS, and a neurotypical control group. Intranasal administration of the neuropeptide oxytocin improved performance in a facial emotion recognition task in individuals with AS. This was linked to increased left amygdala reactivity in response to facial stimuli and increased activity in the neural network involved in social cognition. Our data suggest that the amygdala, together with functionally associated cortical areas mediate the positive effect of oxytocin on social cognitive functioning in AS.

2: Watanabe T. et al. JAMA Psychiatry 71, 166-175 (2014) PubMed

Conclusion: These findings provide the first neurobiological evidence for oxytocin’s beneficial effects on sociocommunicational deficits of ASD and give us the initial account for neurobiological mechanisms underlying any beneficial effects of the neuropeptide.

3: Gordon I. et al. Proc. Natl. Acad. Sci. USA 110, 20953-20958 (2013) PubMed

Abstract: Following intranasal administration of oxytocin (OT), we measured, via functional MRI, changes in brain activity during judgments of socially (Eyes) and nonsocially (Vehicles) meaningful pictures in 17 children with high-functioning autism spectrum disorder (ASD). OT increased activity in the striatum, the middle frontal gyrus, the medial prefrontal cortex, the right orbitofrontal cortex, and the left superior temporal sulcus. In the striatum, nucleus accumbens, left posterior superior temporal sulcus, and left premotor cortex, OT increased activity during social judgments and decreased activity during nonsocial judgments. Changes in salivary OT concentrations from baseline to 30 min postadministration were positively associated with increased activity in the right amygdala and orbitofrontal cortex during social vs. nonsocial judgments.


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