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The real power of BioExplorer comes from the ability to connect signal processing and display objects any way you want.

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BioExplorer is a Windows program for real-time biophysical data acquisition, processing, and display. It is intended for personal use in entertainment, education, and experimentation. It is widely considered to be the most affordable and sufficiently advanced neurofeedback solution, allowing a high degree of customization with your own personal or downloaded designs. BioExplorer allows you to process and display data from your devices any way you want.  You can work with data received from one or more devices in real time, or play back and analyze a previously recorded session. BioExplorer uses a ‘Design’ to tell it what to do with data from your device.  A Design consists of a Signal Diagram and a set of Instruments. You graphically create a Design by adding objects to the Signal Diagram and wiring them together. Then configure your Design by double clicking objects to set their properties.  Here’s an example of the Bandpass Filter property page: If any of the objects added to the Signal Diagram have user interfaces, or Instruments, they are automatically added to the Instruments window.  You can position these however you want. When you have the Instruments positioned, just press play to process and display data from your device in real time!