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Foreword – Brand New Products

Behind the Scenes – Enhanced Oxtocin Spray for Neurotypicals

Drug Tolerance Prevention – Proglumide Dosing, ULD Naltrexone

Intense Autism – Vasopressin Spray Research

Supersoldier – NSI 189 the DARPA Developed Cognitive Enhancer

From the Blog – Memantine and Opiate Potentiation

Turn Back the Clock – PPQ and Mitochondria in Aging


The launch of the Khemcorp Newsletter will coincide with the introduction of some great products:

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We are heading to the Nanjing Pharmaceutical Tradeshow.

If anyone have any suggestions on what they would like to see in the future – now would be a good time! Write in to

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WAY-267,464 and some research pain killers have been suggested by members.

We have decided to introduce Ultra Low Dose Naltrexone, as we have heard lots of people fiddling to mix it in the right proportions.

Research shows there is significant difference between ULDN and LDN (Low Dose Naltrexone). This is because LDN reaches a point where opiate receptor antagonism kicks in (ouch).

The bottle also comes with a measuring dropper so you can get the exact dose used in research data.

Especially since the micro-dose has to very accurate.

We mix using a magnetic stirrer to ensure the chemical is consistently displaced throughout the entire volume of liquid using centrifugal forces for hours.

A full Ultra Low Dose Naltrexone for drug tolerance research summary has also been added to the blog. Big article – read on desktop.

Pregabalin and Gabapentin are self-explanatory for neuropathic pain.

However the one thing not mentioned much – these meds are paradoxically great for reducing drug withdrawal symptoms.

NSI 189 is an advanced cognition enhancer that is currently in phase 2 FDA clinical trials. Go to Super Soldier for more details.

Please write in to support@khemcorp and let us know your experiences and what products you would like to see in the future!

We will also be adding a suggestion box to the website so that future visitors can suggest chemicals to add.

Behind the Scenes

Some of you may know that we have been working hard at a new better version of the Oxytocin spray.

We did a survey with past customers that got us some great feedback, unfortunately, the survey plugin was crap and seemed to cause a lot of people trying to fill out the feedback form.

The new Enhanced Oxytocin Spray is planned to contain Linalool and Selank and maybe Theanine. We are running into trouble with emulsifiers, which is why this enhanced spray hasn’t been released yet.

I hope to get it out before the end of the year. There will also be improvements made to the current Oxytocin spray in terms of PH and absorption.

Please be reminded that the Oxytocin powder can be shipped separated in a vial – if noted in the order.

Linalool is an essential oil that has been proven to be in research to be as effective as Benzodiazepines for anxiety, often a confounded symptom of people with other disorders such as Autism nasally.

Unfortunately, Linalool has “burns” so we are still working on this…

Drug Tolerance Prevention 

I am pretty sure nobody really read the new Proglumide research I put up, so the too long don’t read is:

Proglumide is definitely used “in ratio” with the opiate administration, meaning a larger opiate dose should probably accompany a larger opiate dose.

This may prompt development of a megadose Proglumide product.

Also one hour taken before administration is definitely documented in the linked research.

The ratio of Proglumide is roughly 300mg to 20mg of Methadone, how that translates to other Opiates I have no idea as my experience only really lies in Dihydrocodeine.

Any suggestions here from people would be great!

In other news, we are adding Ultra Low Dose Naltrexone product to our store.

There is good evidence supporting 1 to 2 micrograms to be the actual required dosage for tolerance prevention and opiate potentiation, anything more will actually remove these effects.

This may not scale with humans accurately though and anecdotally 10 to 20 micrograms works for some.

Full ULDN research summary here in on the blog (please excuse the formating, some issues there), and great evidence of tolerance and potentiation in this one.

Also check out our ultimate list on chemicals that potentiate opiates. : )

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Intense Autism


The latest research published online July 22nd 2015 in PLOS ONE found that Vasopressin (another hormone), significantly affected neuropsychological assessment in children with autistic spectrum disorder.

They also demonstrated that blood Vasopressin levels were directly correlated to brain vasopressin levels. This may mean vasopressin may also reduce social development deficiencies in autistic children.

Karen Parker a Ph.D. associate professor at Standford University said:

“There has been a bunch of work in animals showing that oxytocin and vasopressin two structurally and functionally related neuropeptides were critically involved in social functioning”.

A second study published also revealed that neurotypicals do not experience the correlation described above with Vasopressin, also more research has come out to support Oxytocin.

Anyone who hasn’t read about the Intense World Theory of Autism MUST check out this story on Medium:

The Boy Whose Brain Could Unlock Autism by Medium

I think it’s great insight about how someone autistic like me grew up.


In the late 90s, the Clinton administration sought to create a “warfighter of the future”.

The Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency was then tasked with millions of dollars and resources to create a drug which could help soldiers function beyond their normal capabilities, especially dealing with sleep deprivation.

The project later shifted into a private company known as Neuralstem.


The result is NSI-189 created by years of stem cell research supported with brain tissue from DARPA.

Currently in phase 2 clinical trials approved by the FDA.

NSI-189 is proven to stimulate neurogenesis in the hippocampus and significantly increased volume (Where a lot of stem cells reside).

It is the first drug that is specifically neurogenic and is being trialed for depression, as well as other cognitive disorders. The company talks about it’s obvious potential use as a next generation nootropic.

NSI-189 was successfully synthesized and sold online, but due to obvious intellectual property problems, the online sites received cease and desist letters from the company.

Now the chemical can only be bought in a few “private channels” including via this newsletter. The remaining quantity is limited, and the drug is real. Phase 3 is slated for 2017.

Personal Opinion: NSI-189 takes 7 days for it’s unique effects show, but it has to be stacked with Noopept, which we will cover in the next issue. It’s especially interesting for people with depression because they would have shrinking hippocampus.

Noopept can be found easily online.

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From the Blog

Last month we had an article on all the things that could potentiate opiates (now updated with suggestions from people);

If we are potentiating then it may be best to use the drug that prevents tolerance from developing in the first place. In the long run Memantine can be a very effective strategy.

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In fact Memantine is the only drug I myself take daily, because it’s mood balancing for me and also significantly reduces withdrawal and tolerance development from most drugs including caffeine.

I am currently on 20mg a day, though it has been said 30mg is better for drug tolerance. Many people say it works instantly for tolerance reversal for them, but the mechanism for that is unclear.

I take it long term – and it’s great to enjoy caffeine again!

For long term use – titration to 5mg up is recommended due to Memantine’s build up in blood plasma on daily use and its strength as a nicotinic antagonist initially.

Read my article on how to dose Memantine long term for titration information.

Turn Back the Clock

turn back clock

Mitochondrial is an organ (organelle) inside our cells. It is the energy central of all cells – converting stored energy (think sugars) into chemical energy in a form called ATP.

It’s is one of the key differences between complex cells and simple organisms. The mitochondria is literally the “metabolic factory” of the billion of cells that are in our body.

ATP is used throughout our cells and our entire body as electrical energy currency.

In the heart, there are thousands of them per cell.

Unfortunately like all things, as we age mitochondrial function declines due to accumulated damage from aging such as the free radical theory.

A revealing study showed that a 90 year-old man contained 95% damaged mitochondria, compared to no damage for a 5 year old.

This partly explains why older people generally have less energy.

Fortunately, there are in fact several not very well known compounds that can effectively mitigate and delay these effects.

So effective that they can essentially reverse and give mitochondria enhanced abilities, thus offering more power on a cellular basis. We will be covering several less known compounds.

PPQ (pyrroloquinoline quinone) is a compound that has been shown to not only protect mitochondria from oxidative damage, but also stimulates growth of new mitochondria.

In studies with aging humans 20mg per day can significantly preserve and enhance memory, attention and cognition.

We don’t sell PPQ but you can just buy it from or any other reputable supplement vendor.

More to come on our Mitochondria series – Ending with a full regiment guide to how to augment metabolic energy unnaturally.


If you read all the way to this point, then it’s justifiable I throw in something unrelated!

Since this newsletter and website is born out of my passion for scientific drug interventions. Its only fair I add something I am really passionate about. One of such is films, and particularly Blade Runner.

Nostalgia 1

Nostalgia 2

The plot makes no sense by the way because its about a cop going after 4 people that are definitely going to die anyways.

Nostalgia 3

The film has many philosophical underpinnings though. One thing I only noticed recently is that the “replicants” do not feel empathy like humans do. Which is how the machine test works –

Which raises more questions about sentience.

Nostalgia 4

Still there is something about this film that just makes you melt inside, it could be the glass rain, the jazz, the stylised slow noir pacing, the timeless fashion or whatever else. This film has never aged and remains one of my favourites.

It was also a golden time for film when films created a kind of fantastical escapism and levels of creative expression that doesn’t seem to be in fashion today.

That said, whatever drugs Ridley Scott was taking back then to create those masterpieces. He sure ain’t taking them anymore now.

Somewhere to Dream About

Bora Bora

Bora Bora in the French Polynesia

Thank you so much for reading. Please write in your experiences, comments or just generally to have a general chat. I really would like to know what my audience (if any) is thinking.

– Joey (aka Synaptic) at Khemcorp


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