Oxytocin is a naturally occurring hormone that is added to a couple of different nasal sprays, more specifically Syntocinon. When it comes to the general effects of these types of nasal spray no one anticipated what all it was capable of doing. Over time scientists have discovered that Oxytocin is capable of doing many different interesting things to the body including inducing emotions, treating autism, and inducing labor. The fact that it is able to do many different things means that the practical uses of this medication are all over the map. It is important to note that the different effects of this medication might conflict with one another.

So what is Oxytocin Nasal Spray?

Generally speaking Oxytocin, a nine amino acid peptide that is synthesized in hypothalamic neurons, is formed in the brain and released when certain events occur, such as holding hands with a partner.  Its actions are mediated by specific oxytocin receptor known as G-protein-coupled receptor. The hormone is added to nasal spray and can be used in a variety of different treatments. The brain has a “reward” system that promotes certain behavior. When Oxytocin nasal spray is introduced to the brain the Oxytocin level raises and the reward system is activated. Based on studies done by different organizations there are at least 3 clear benefits to using an Oxytocin based nasal spray.

Inducing Labor

According to an investigation focused on whether nasal spray with Oxytocin could induce labor the following results were found.

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“After a single application of 8 IU oxytocin nasal spray at least one contraction occurred in 13 out of 20 cases within the first 10 minutes” (M., Hohmann)

Based on that factor alone it is safe to say that it will induce labor in at least half of the people that it is given to for that purpose. The women in the study were between their 29th and 42nd week of gestation. There were 85 women in total who participated in this investigation, so there is a fairly good amount of evidence supporting Oxytocin as a labor inducer. The final conclusion of this study was that:

“The application of 8 IU of oxytocin nasal spray is sufficient to induce in about 95% of the cases”

Stabilizing Children with Autism

Oxytocin is a naturally occurring substance in the brain, and as it turns out this hormone is responsible for signs of affection and positive social interactions. People with Autism, particularly young children and teens have a hard time dealing with this problem. A study performed by the renowned organization Autism Speaks shows that regular doses of nasal spray with Oxytocin has a positive effect on young people with Autism.

The science behind why Oxytocin plays such a key role in social bonding is still for the most part a mystery. Further studies are being conducted so that we can see exactly how it bonds to the brain and helps kids interact better with the world and people around them. In this particular pilot study 28 kids were tested. In the first two months half was given Oxytocin, and the other half was given saline spray. After two months all of the children were given Oxytocin. One of the key takeaways from the study was that

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“The children who received oxytocin showed greater improvement in social behaviors compared to those who received the inactive nasal spray.” (Autism Speaks)

The “Cuddle Hormone”

Oxytocin is released in the brain when someone is cuddling with a partner, playing with their baby, petting their cat or dog, or overall doing something that requires bonding. Oxytocin nasal spray was given to a random group of men in a study and the results were interesting indeed. As it turns out, men who were given Oxytocin were more likely to bond with people or animals that they considered close to them, while becoming suspicious of people who were not considered in their close inner circle.

The reason for this might be how Oxytocin interacts with our memories, who people associate with, and their mentality when given a nasal spray dose. The men in the study were asked a series of questions about their current state of mind in life and their relationship with their mother when they were younger. The study found that men who were more anxious and strained in their life now had a dimmer look on their upbringing as opposed to men who were content with their life at the moment. The theory behind it is that Oxytocin acts as a hormone that can take someone down memory lane, though the visit might be slightly biased due to current mindset. (Pappas, Stephanie)

Final Impressions

It is clear that Oxytocin nasal spray has a unique effect on the human body. There are plenty of practical uses that can be found when using the hormone for medicinal uses. Luckily there are a large number of studies going on regularly to help people get the full potential of this hormone that is capable of doing so much for society.

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Where to Buy Oxytocin Spray Over The Counter?

Oxytocin is not available over the counter and has to be prescribed by a doctor, which can be hard as it is not a finalised treatment for autism, and many doctors are not aware of the connection between autism and oxytocin. Oxytocin Nasal Sprays are available for purchase at Khemcorp, and other online places.


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