Your Oxytocin bottle is the most expensive why should I buy from you instead of much easily from others like Amazon?

Our Oxytocin is tested in the ACTA United States laboratory – matching the level of United States Pharmacopeia reference standards. Meaning it’s human grade. If you are doubtful you can call them and ask regarding Khemcorp.

Our bottle is large volume compared to others for a very specific reason. Oxytocin degrades in liquids period, so you will have to use more of it as time goes on. This also means we pack a lot more Oxytocin than others (if they even use real Oxytocin).

To help with reducing degradation, we provide a small 15ml transport bottle so that you can keep the main bottle in the fridge.

We use a proprietary buffer that’s designed for nasal adsorption as well as specifically protecting the peptides in the bottle.

Finally, our Oxytocin is prepared in batches before every shipping to prevent degradation. The only time the Oxytocin bottle touches room temperature is the transportation process, even the powder form is kept in cool temperatures from the supplier to Hong Kong.

Unfortunately because of our location our shipping prices are higher than other people.

How do I know your Oxytocin is real? Why should I buy from you?`

We have tested Oxytocin with a third party laboratory in the United States. We have HPLC and mass spectrometer tests from HK university’s help.

We have been around for more than 2 years. Oxytocin is not the only thing we sell, so we have specialist knowledge and experience in dealing with chemicals. We also have direct connections with suppliers due to our location in Hong Kong. We found them in big pharmaceutical exhibitions.

Our competitors do not show they have real Oxytocin, they would not be buying from the United States because it would cost a bomb to do so, it is unlikely they would have visited their supplier.

We can also keep our Oxytocin cold in the entire transport process between China and Hong Kong.

What effects should I expect?

Obviously, we can’t guarantee effects and there is still a great deal of research going on with it, but we can tell you generally what to expect.

First of there are immediate effects, and there are effects that creep in. There will be an initial rush, that’s actually not all that comfortable considering this stuff will also be up your nose. It can feel sedative, making you feel slightly drowsy and unfocused.

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Shortly after that, there is a slight comfortable, blanket like feeling over the body, almost a buzz if you will.

Its the effect that creeps in later that’s most useful, the effects will creep in about 15-30 minutes in, you will find an increased interest in people’s facial expression, a general feeling of connection to people you interact with, increase in trust on your part, also increased sexual attraction for others, and finally empathy for peoples emotions.

Oxytocin for people who are insensitive to emotional manipulation may suddenly find themselves vulnerable to it. Be careful of this! You will find this very harder to resist, than normal.

There is no research confirming that Oxytocin works as an attraction pheromone of sorts if there is please email us with it…

The level of effects you feel of above is greatly indicative of how responsive you are to Oxytocin or how much the Oxytocin is degraded (read section on how to use)

What if it doesn’t work?

We can’t guarantee it will work for everyone, but we think there will be an effect for everyone, whether that effect is exactly what you want or expect out of it. For what to expect as general effects please read the question regarding effects to expect.

If you are really disappointed with the product you can always invoke our refund policy within 14 days.

What if it gets stuck in customs or I don’t receive the product?

In those rare cases we will offer to either resend or to refund your money completely, for very expensive countries to mail to, we do appreciate it if we get to keep half of the shipping charges, but thats up to the customer.

Should I get the powder separately or already mixed in?

The powdered form is superior especially during peak summer time, where it will be hot in most places. Most people get the already mixed in version, because frankly, it’s just more convenient – and we have received multiple complaints about how hard it is to mix the powder without it getting everywhere.

However the powder form isn’t easy to mix, this is because the amount of Oxytocin powder is actually tiny, and because we have no way to vacuum seal the powder in the bottle, water can make the powder stick to the vial.

You must follow the specific instructions found below to mix the powder, and you will need to buy a hypodermic needle, and be prepared for the fuss of doing it.

Also without a proper device such as a magnetic stirrer, the Oxytocin may not disperse evenly.

Do I get an icepack?

We ship with an icepack for all orders of 2 bottles and more on courier. (We may make a better offer soon). We use a specialized icepack that is used by SF express for cold orders , because of the way the icepack needs to be prepared and packed, its more work for us to do so.

It must be noted that the ice pack usually do not last the entire duration of the journey, instead, they keep the bottles cool for far more time than otherwise.

If you are really worried about this you can opt to get the powder separately and then mix it yourself (instructions to mix are below).

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Why do you insist on using to pay, instead of credit card directly?

Firstly Circle does let you pay with credit cards, so it’s doable.

In terms of direct payments. We would love to, but we will not get access to payment systems anymore since big pharma has actively lobbied credit card processors to stop people like us. At the time of writing, we are heading towards bankruptcy due to this major shift. So perhaps you can see learning to use digital payment as a way to support small time operations like ours to keep running.

We ask people to use and it seems people think it’s somehow not trustworthy. is in fact a big, legally legitimate and growing company whose method of digital payment is something you will see more and more, as realizes the ease of using digital wallets, it is already a big viral phenomenon in Asia. Circle is not a fringe company of any sort, in fact it is a massive digital wallet company that will rapidly rival the likes of Paypal.

How do I store it?

In a fridge, do not store in freezer as the process of the water crystallizing will destroy the Oxytocin.

Does Oxytocin Degrade?

Yes expect the bottle to last 2 months in a fridge, we attach a specific protocol to keep the dosage effective, attached with the purchase of the bottle.

This process is unavoidable, as once Oxytocin is submerged in water it becomes fragile and unstable.

However our buffer is designed to protect Oxytocin specifically, so it may last well beyond our experience with the first version.

I got the powder, is there any directions?

Yes – specifically you will need to use a hypodermic needle. DO NOT in any circumstances try to pour the powder out, it will get everywhere.

Open the buffer bottle, and using the hypodermic needle draw some liquid out of the buffer bottle, and push the liquid into the vial to mix the powder up. Make sure all the powder is dissolved in the vial.

Then, using the hypodermic needle DRAW the liquid back out of the vial (now mixed with the Oxytocin), and push the liquid back into the the buffer solution (the main bottle).

No reseal the main buffer bottle, and shake the bottle in a circular motion with the spray facing up.

I have … condition, would Oxytocin help?

This is beyond the scope of this article, Oxytocin has the effects of the “love hormone”, most prominently

How do I use it?

Our buffer is not designed for human use, we had to make a choice between human use or protecting the oxytocin. The chemicals in the bottle are all harmless, but they can cause slight irritation in the throat, therefore you must try your best to not swallow any of it.

People with asthma are not advised to use it without medical supervision.

Very specific instructions on how to maximize the effects of the Oxytocin weekly is included with the bottle, something we figured out after a lot of research. Dosing instructions for following a specific pattern to account for degradation, exact instructions on weekly are shipped with each bottle.

For our blog article with tips on increasing Oxytocin adsorption check out: How to Increase Oxytocin Function and Adsorption Properly

Instructions on exactly how to use the spray will also be attached with the bottle packaging! Don’t miss it!

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How do I transport it?

  • Using a smaller bottle field bottle, everyday transport a small amount from the “mothership” bottle the 60ml bottle, keep the 60ml bottle in the fridge!
  • The field bottle now comes free with every order!

My child is Autistic, will the spray help?

Here is the problem with giving Oxytocin to a child, the problem is – the child is in such an early stage of his or her development process that the child may not effectively communicate to you whether the Oxytocin spray is working or not. You will have to be very observant of your child as to whether the spray works or not, and this can be hard to do because the general changing behavior of children all the time

The administration of the spray is also an issue, as you can read above administrating the spray properly can be a difficult thing to get a child to do.

I am autistic or have severe social anxiety, what effects should I expect and what medicines compliment Oxytocin?

Oxytocin greatly increases the comfort of “face scanning” and temporarily gives an increased ability to notice facial cues, tiny mechanical movements in peoples faces that give off their emotions. Neurotypicals use this hugely to communicate with each other all the time. It also increases the ability of autistic people to empathically feel what these facial cues mean, giving a level of social calibration normally unavailable to autistic people. For autistic people these effects should not be subtle, especially considering a lot of autistic people are highly sensitive.

Oxytocin does not have a traditional anti-anxiety effect, therefore some other measure is suggested, Oxytocin generates more like a warm blanket type of effect, and being comfortable around people, but its not so strong that it rivals brain destroyers like MDMA.

In fact, Oxytocin increases heart rate, therefore feelings of physical anxiety may increase, using something like Propranolol will compliment Oxytocin nicely.

I am very confident that the Oxytocin when applied consistently allows autistic people to have the kind of empathy neurotypicals have, and cannot be obtained with any other class of medication at the present moment.

Oxytocin will divert the brain away from feelings of overstimulation, but it also doesn’t do anything to reduce traditional anxiety, you should compliment Oxytocin with other measures of anti-anxiety, such as valerian root for example. Overstimulation alone is the cause of the difficulty of calibration of autistic people in social situations.

Is your Oxytocin FDA approved, does it meet legal requirements for consumer use?

No. If we did meet FDA standards than we would be supplying hospitals and clinics, not researchers and citizen scientists.

On top of this to obtain FDA endorsement would require considerable amounts of money and support of big pharma to get it passed.

The Oxytocin we sell is purely for research purposes, we cannot endorse experimentation without the supervision of doctors, or scientists.

Extra concerns should arise if you plan to experiment with children, please confirm with his or her doctor first.

Though we think the product is extremely safe, and have had no reported problems with customers for 2+ years. It is important to note most health supplements do not pass FDA approval either.