Memantine the Unknown Drug Tolerance Prevention Chemical

Memantine has had been a well kept secret for drug tolerance prevention. Over the years many people have toyed with it hoping to use it to abuse recreational drugs and not develop tolerance, this backfired obviously. Most notably for trying to the higher and higher dosages of Adderall (amphetamines), that create tolerance and withdrawal in more ways than one, and often severely so.

Because of this failure Memantine has been swept under by the community at large, especially since Memantine requires a degree of patience and planning (such as using it to begin with to avoid developing tolerance at all). Its deceivingly benign action doesn’t interest people who are trying to get high, but it is by far the most interesting, potent and side effect free NMDA antagonist.

Various researchers of Khemcorp have said that Memantine works instantly for tolerance. I don’t really understand the reason for that as it is meant to be a long term medicine. Perhaps the blockage of flux in ion channels, has immediately effects on drug tolerance. Memantine is also a D2 agonist by itself, which also has many far reaching positive potential, especially some drugs people are tolerant to maybe simply tolerant to dopamine release.

Memantine’s nootropic effects are also not instant, and require protein receptor synthesis in response to sustained Memantine – which is the mechanism which it works for in Alzheimers treatment.

So we think this is a miracle drug of sorts due to Memantine’s incredibly unique properties of being a non-competitive NMDA antagonist, for those people who understand how it works, for those expecting instant results you may get that or you may not. We highly recommend reading our article on long term memantine administration, which requires titration slowly.


Memantine Experiences and Anecdotals from the Internet

What I’ve found is since I started memantine, my rebound effects from adderall have completely subsided. I used to get very depressed and unfocused on my off days from adderall, and having to take tolerance breaks to maintain efficacy was very painful because I would be depressed and useless. Since I started memantine, I’ve been extremely stable. I have some sources that show that memantine can be used for ADD treatment, and I can definitely attest to this in my own experience as well. Now, even when I don’t take adderall, the memantine gives me the ability to focus and it makes me extremely emotionally and mentally stable, something that adderall has never done. I used to have crazy ups and downs from adderall, and adding memantine totally smoothed that out. Adding memantine as a supplementary medication was the best thing I’ve ever done for myself.

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Memantine is good stuff. I’ve been taking 5mg a day for several weeks now, and i’m just now starting to see its tolerance prevention ability. I took one 20mg adderall XR + 5mg memantine this morning after a 4 day break from adderall and it has worked great all day. I lost the magic there for awhile but today the addy is working like it did during the first few months and this is just from 20mg.

Memantine seems to lower tolerance to substances other than morphine. I found this to occur when I took Psilocybe cubensis, resulting in a valuable overdose. (I had wanted a nice museum-level dosage with no visuals and enhanced thinking abilities; instead, I got some subtle visuals and way too much going on in my mind, using about a quarter of the

mushroom dose that I would have normally needed). I used 10–15 mg of memantine once daily, over the course of four days, so it was about 70 mg memantine in total. Also caffeine seems more potent than usual, so it is more common to have side effects like nausea or cold sweating hands.

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For me its a good ‘neutral’ (vs. ‘depressing’ ones like the anti-manics) mood stabilizer, anxiolytic and synergetic with methylphenidate (much less rebound, tolerance, side effects in general).

I’m now the third year on it and notice no real side effects, recent bloodwork showed nothing unusual too. But I feel that taking memantine alone is a waste, and it made me probably a bit lethargic even when I did not realize it. Where it really shines is combined with methylphenidate.

And opioids. While I somewhat decided that opioids don’t work as expected for me (continuous use makes me anxious and depressed, which led to combined stim use until I realized that with only the stim and memantine I feel better…), it still amazes me how on memantine there is few tolerance at all, and withdrawal was repeatedly completely painless even with very few tapering, due to the lack of tolerance my doses weren’t escalated but still- from an experience with naloxone I know what people usually go through.. After the opioids had been flushed out, I realized to actually enjoy to be sober and feel the dopamine again. No cravings at all. I can and do still use low-potency opioids from time to time to relax, as they don’t shut me down like benzodiazepines would. But when available, I prefer ketamine to any opioid… (btw, I have combined memantine with most of the dissociatives and quite a few other drugs, it appears to have no bad interactions, but take this with a grain of salt.)

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As for opiate and Memantine I personally have use it sporadically to help with opiate tapering (always at 20 mg dose) and it did help. But it is not the magical exceptional thing some leads you to believe.

Maybe it works very well to delay or negate the onset of tolerance, that I wouldn’t know.

But after trying Agmatine and Proglumide, I still have to say Memantine was what worked best to help (a bit) with the tapering of opiate.


I haven’t posted in a long time but, if you don’t mind, I’d like to offer my experience with memantine and
amphetamine poop-out.
I’ve been taking memantine for about 2 years with adderall. Adderall alone will lose its effectiveness with me
in a few days if I don’t take it with a drug like memantine.
I take adderall mainly for energy, motivation and just plain enthusiasm for life. Though Adderall probably
helps my concentration, I can’t say that I’m taking the stimulant for ADD. Like some others, I take a stimulant
as part of of an effective drug therapy for treatment resistant depression, or, more specifically, dysthymia.
And, by the way, I feel very good, really blessed. I’ve been happy and stable for quite a while now. I was
pretty miserable for the first half of my life. Who knows what the future holds, but so far the second half of
my life is shaping up to be something kind of wonderful.
Back to the memantine. I used to take two 10mg tablets a day to prevent poop-out. Now I take one tablet
along with 333mg of acamprosate taken 2 times a day.
Acamprosate is, like memantine, approved for use in Europe and is in late stage trials in US and is expected
to be approved in the US in the not to distant future. Acamprosate has a somewhat similar mechanism of
to memantine, its approved use though is for helping alcoholics quit and remain sober. It takes away
the cravings for alcohol. It has no side effects, toxicities, or drug to drug interactions to my knowledge.

Now I take memantine, a partial NMDA antagonist. With it, adderall has a continuous effect. I have no
irritability or poop out. I know memantine has been shown to prevent tolerance to certain drugs (i.e. cocaine
and opiates). Can you explain to me how memantine prevents adderall tolerance. Also are there any safety
issues when using such a medicine. (BTW, my doctor prescribes it from Germany since it is still undergoing
trials in the US.)

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Hi guys
posted here before various times about various topics. I’m a 3rd yr. medical student professionally diagnosed with
Inattentive Type ADD with comorbid Auditory Processing Difficulties and Anxiety (GAD) in my first year.
I’ve tried Concerta, Strattera, Ritalin, Dexedrine.
Now I am on Adderall XR 25mg daily with a 2.5mg – 5mg Dex “topper” around 6pm, which works wonderfully.
Recently, my Psychiatrist reluctantly prescribed me Namenda after I showed him the evidence of current clinical trials
for Namenda in Adult ADHD.
5mg x 1 week
10mg x 1 week
now 20mg after 6 days from starting the 10mg.
What I’ve noticed.
Side Effects. Almost None.
1) mild brain “fog” initially, which went away on day 2.
2) mild increased urination, probably augmented by all the water I drink
Benefits so far…..
1) complete mental clarity. I am not talking about your very first time on Adderall clear, but absolute look at the green
leaves and see green clear. It’s great, unlike anything I’ve felt before.
2) Mood stabilizer. Feel calm, stable. Last night I worked an ER PM shift from 3pm – midnight, and I was just crisp and
cut the entire time, treating patients, and was on the ball.
3) Improved Memory, more specifically working memory. Lumosity has this “tiles game” for the iPhone, and before
starting Namenda, I could only make it to 10 tiles and that was struggling, but now I frequently make it to 11/12 tiles no
problem. My recall and problem solving has also improved I feel.
4) Adderall tolerance. Recently just got over a viral infection, so while I’m sick I only take my SSRI, and no adderall, so I
was on a 3 day “holiday” from Adderall, but since I’ve started Namenda, everyday I take Adderall is like the first day I
took it, indicating the Namenda IS in fact superior to Magnesium for preventing tolerance – At least for me, and what I’m


First of all I would just like to say thanks so much for starting this thread! I am very thankful that I came across this, I
was recently prescribed adderall but after a short time found that my tolerance sky rocketed to the point where taking
even 20MG IR at once would produce no perceivable effects. I tried everything I could find to control tolerance,
including taking days off and all the supplements out there with no significant decrease in tolerance. I could get two good
days or so a week on Adderall before it would just stop working at reasonable dosages. I was fortunate enough to get a
prescription for Memantine and so far it has worked extremely well! I started on it just over a week ago at 5 MG and
while at this dosage just felt “off” for a while…very much in a daze and rather extreme mood swings for the first week. I
decided to increase to 10 MG after 6 days and by the 2nd day I finally got the positive effects I was looking for. My
regular IR dosage worked like the first time I tried Adderall, although seemingly in an even more positive way! Not only
did I get the great increase in focus but an overall sense of calmness, well being, and a new found fascination with
everything…tasks that I would otherwise be bored by were suddenly interesting and enjoyable. Anyway its a huge relief
to know that I can get relief from Adderall without ridiculously high dosages now! I’ve got a quick question about
Memantine titration…is there any reason why you should wait a full week before increasing your dosage? I already feel
like my body fully adjusted to the 10MG on just the second day and ideally I would like to have it up to 15 MG within
the next week…so I’m looking at increasing my dosage by 5 MG after just 4 days on 10 MG. I’m thinking that I would
take 10 MG in the morning and another 5 sometime in the afternoon. Also, my new Memantine prescription tablets are
10MG, is it ok to split these to make 5 MG?


I take (d)-amphetamine 15mg IR ~3 days per week. It works very well for SA and sometimes can make me very
extroverted, but it’s not a practical treatment as tolerance sets in if I use it more frequently.
After hearing many glowing reports about how memantine inhibits the development of amphetamine tolerance, I
started taking it at 5mg for 4 days, and have been on 10mg/day since. On the 12th day of being on 10mg memantine,
I took my usual 15mg dose of amph, and felt a powerful surge of euphoria, sociability, confidence, and was
completely free of SA. It was just like taking amphetamine for the first time! Over the next 4 days, I took 15mg each
morning but skipped one day. Each dose was just as powerful and efficacious, AND the duration was extended to ~7-
8 hours! So this brings me to today, where I decided to reduce my amph dose to 10mg, and it’s working even better
than 15mg did before starting memantine.
Could memantine render amphetamine a practical longterm treatment for SA/social anhedonia (among many other
disorders)? Looks like it may, but I’ll have to give it the test of time. Anyone else have any experience with this


I’ve been on 20-30 mg of memantine for a little over 2 months. In the beginning (the first 2 or 3 weeks) I experienced strong mood elevation, almost to the point of euphoria. I’m guessing this is due to the D2 agonist action of the drug. This specific effect has completely worn off now. It still exerts a strong tolerance reduction effect to caffeine and other stimulants but I miss the mood elevation. I was wondering if anyone else had a similar experience to mine- with the mood benefits tailoring off. Would a break from the drug be beneficial or is it pointless trying to chase that “high”?

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I am in the process of taking it order to reset caffeine, racetam and other drug tolerances. I decided against an even loaded dose spread across 30 days and crammed the monthly dosing period into 10 days, spread into 3 even doses of 10mg, morning (waking up), afternoon (come home from work) and night (just before bed). The effects were akin to being highly intoxicated, only noticeable with my morning dose.

In terms of its cognitive benefits, its effectively reset my caffeine tolerance and drug tolerance. I haven’t packed my next patch of racetams but my sublingual noopept and PRL-8-53 solutions pack one hell of a punch.

If I had to qualify my experiences with Memantine, it definitely provides a huge, if temporary, fog while you’re adjusting to using it. The early morning dose effects rarely lasted more than 15 minutes after absorption set in and seem to leave the mind to more easily record and recall short term information. Executive functioning required a bit more focus to move from task to task but I rarely lost much, if any time, day dreaming about what I was going to do next.

Personally, I’d consider it more of a big reset switch, more easily enabling you to reset your tolerances and stacks than a nootropic.

pisstola on

i’ve also been using this 5 mg daily in the form of namenda. I have also noticed the hard-to-describe positive effects and it is something I am excited to keep taking. Best way I can say it is it give me a feeling of all-encompassing interest/focus in the present moment, whether i’m in a conversation or studying. I feel like my thoughts and speech come to me easier and quicker. Doesn’t make me more social, but when talking to other people I find an ease that gives me great pleasure. I also noticed that my other supplements, namely caffeine, noopept, and phenibut, all feel more effective with my daily dose of memantine. (<–From another discussion)I also use alcar and aniracetam daily

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Memantine should be started slowly. The starting dose should be 5 mg and you can increase by 5 mg every week up to 20 mg.

I have done this. When I got to 10 mg the effects started showing.

I felt mentally rested, and my mind was racing a lot less. My brain felt like an engine which I was accelerating as needed and then slowed down when it wasn’t needed.

Without memantine, I feel that my mind is an engine accelerated to maximum speed. There is always tension and tiredness.

With memantine, it feels like my mind is elastic and expands itself to fit the problem at hand.

I have only taken memantine for 3 weeks or so, and then ran out.

The KEY for gaining benefits from memantine is to start with a small dose and increase very slowly.

If I take a large dose without getting my brain used to it – for example, if I take 10 mg without having at least a few days at 5 mg, then I feel very dumb and depressed – it’s a bad state which takes many hours to dissipate.

danarm on

I also have noted that things that are very stressful (I have some life problems right now.. social, family, etc.) are not nearly as disabling, or disabling to me at all, while on memantine.

As for my verbal fluency, I tried a nicotine patch one day and it came back, maybe not to it’s full potential, but significantly. (My verbal fluency, and… Wit, I suppose, are generally a lot higher than most, on the average. Not to be boastful, just something I’m known for.)

Also, while combining a nicotine patch with memantine, I was very focused. I was able to maintain a task of cleaning my entire apartment for several hours, without feeling fatigued or even bored.

So that was something.

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This article is a work in progress, all the above are opinions and experiences and does not constitute any medical recommendation/advice whatsoever. Will be looking to add some Opiate tolerance reduction anecdotal too. Need to finish up the Opiate potentiation post first with feedback from people.

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– Khemcorp