Are you hunting for a real Limitless pill? We have seen in the movie Limitless that individuals who consume a drug called NZT 48 become highly superior individuals. The drug is said to make one smarter and bubbling with energy, besides allowing you to unleash your brain’s full potential.

NZT 48 is said to give one infinite motivation and intelligence, coupled with drive to achieve. However, it Limitless drug really out there? Are drugs or supplements that offer similar results available? NZT 48 is a work of fiction but neuropharmacology has been on overdrive researching for a drug that can enhance cognitive brain functions and offer akin benefits. These “Limitless” drugs are termed “Nootropics” and used by a select few who intend to improve brain functioning.

Limitless Pills, a Reality?

Scientists are using Nootropic, a Greek word that means “Mind Turning”, for a new pharmacological ingredient they came across in 1960’s. Piracetam the first ever nootropic to be discovered is a synthetic derivative of GABA – a key neurotransmitter in the brain.

The original researchers uncovered that Piracetam, when enters the brain triggers stimulation of specific receptors that are responsible for learning and memory. Besides, this compound is said to be neuroprotective and doesn’t have adverse effects on one’s brain. Piracetam though said to be fairly a weak contender in nootropics that are popular now, numerous researches indicate that there’s a tangible benefit on synaptic plasticity and that it regulates how brain accesses or stores information.

After Piracetam, numerous supplements and drugs that can enhance cognitive functions and boost brainpower were identified. Most recent one being Noopept –a derivative of Piracetam and is said to be 1000x stronger than the original ingredient. More renowned nootropics are Aniracetam, Modafinil, Oxiracetam, Citicoline, Alpha GPC, Picamilon, Phenibut, Inositol, etc. What “Brain Vitamins” would yield results that are close to Limitless drug? Do they really match NZT 48?

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Modafinil: Inspiration for Limitless Drug

Many “Biohacking” blogs and online supplement community sites talk about Modafinil and say it is fairly close to the results Limitless drug offers. Modafinil was prescribed for those with narcolepsy or disorders that triggered sleep loss.  USA military uses it to have their helicopter pilots at their best of cognitive functioning levels even if they skip sleeping for 40 hours or more. Modafinil boosts alertness and energy levels and helps one retain their focus for extended durations and stimulate brain centers that are responsible for motivation. Modafinil can be bought online in a few countries, or you could opt for Adrafinil – a similar but legal ingredient – for akin results.

Conventional Drugs the Limitless NZT 48 is Probably Based On

Powerful dopamine releasers like Amphetamine is probably what the NZT 48 is vaguely based on, it is also known as Adderall. It gives a very temporary boost in focus and energy. To be fair the effects shown in the Limitless movie border on the euphoria side of Adderall which only happens on the first few days of taking the drug and never again once tolerance develops. Adderall also gives an unnatural boost to mood, which forms a reason of its potential for addiction.

Adderall has to be prescribed by a doctor, because it is essentially – speed, a type of illegal recreational drug that is heavily despised but the authorities, but ironically widely prescribed in America for ADHD but really probably mostly used by people who don’t have ADHD. Unforunately outside of the US Adderall is also an even more strictly prohibited drug that doctors won’t even prescribe for ADHD.

Tolerance to Adderall develops fast and rapidly, making it an easy drug to get addicted too. The effects of Adderall fade over time, when used chronically or intermittently.

One way to make Adderall more effective if you do gain hold of it – is to prevent tolerance developing in the first place, by inhibitng the calcium influx that forms a part of the development of tolerance. Being on Memantine  (A very special NMDA antagonist) with stable plasma concentrations of 20 to 30mg is a great way to halt tolerance developing to Adderall in my opinion, not a professional doctor opinion.

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Unfortunately since the nootropic effects if Adderall for normal people usually end up on the increasing tolerance side of spectrum, and even chemicals like Memantine cannot reduce the effects of escalating doses of Adderall.

Better Drugs Than Adderall and Modafinil

Modafinil might be what silicon valley, and everybody else is talking about at the moment, but lets dive deeper. Since Khemcorp is about the frontiers of chemical augmentation and repair anyways.

Armodafinil is a drug that is an isomer of whats active in Modafinil, it is more specific and much more powerful. Many people who don’t react well to Modafinil find Armodafinil to be a superior.

NSI 189, is a DARPA funded cognitive enhancer developed for special forces to remain functional for long periods of time. This drug has been successfully produced by niche internet groups and have purported cognitive enhancement effects beyond anything else available at the moment. The drug no longer exists publically because of obvious patent reasons.

It is currently in phase 3 clinical trials for major depression, but has been noted to increase hippocampal volume.

NSI 189 is developed via rapid stem cell screening technologies which makes it a drug on a class on it’s own. Its mechanism of operation is currently unclear, but it does represent a new generation of extremely specific drug.

Fasoracetam is a Japanese prototype cognitive enhancer that is a far more powerful nootropic properties than anything else out there. Anecdotal reports absolute productivity and work ethic unseen in other racetams. Fasoracetam only becomes effective in large dosages, currently unaffordable from nootropic companies.

Where do I buy Modafinil, Armodafinil and these other NZT 48 Drugs?

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Please note that Modafinil and Armodafinil are both schedule 4 drugs in the United States, meaning you need to be able to produce a prescription if the stuff gets stuck in customs to collect it. It is a legal drug in most countries as far as we are aware, there isn’t really a reason to anyways since Modafinil has no addictive properties compared to Adderall, and Adderall is available easily? What a hypocritical society we live in!

To achieve an NZT 48 like effect, its unlikely any chemical from the above can achieve that. It’s likely to be a combination of many chemicals carefully formulated to achieve the desired effect. Subscribe to our newsletter to learn more about formulations.

Modafinil works well for some, but personally I find i too much of a mathematics, programmer like chemical. There are better things, and better formulas than what this article suggests. And certainly things closer to NZT 48 do exist and old racetams make a bad example of what a true cognitive enhancer should be like. Still Modafinil is a good introductory “lesson” to how there is potential to be unlocked in everyone’s brain. Modafinil and Armodafinil is great if you code by the way.

It’s not magical science. Our brains are not evolved to perform at maximum performance unless our individual survival is in danger. Therefore the brain has reasonable mechanisms to stop us from expending costly mental energy. Our bodies have simply not evolved to the high tech, high energy environment we all live in now, and augmenting ourselves to fit in this hyper competitive world is only a sooner or later thing.

I should also note that Modafinil has been moved to schedule 4. So we don’t know how much longer we can offer it, even if its not scheduled in our country, it does make us more nervous in dealing with it.

– Synaptic