Thanks to  the guys at  KratomEye for these suggestions for Kratom potentiation.

– Black Seed Oil (cumin seed)

– Hordenine (very minute amounts, 5 – 20mg, even. MAO-B inhibitor – works

great if you don’t use too much)

– Tribulus Terrestris (a milder MAO-B inhibitor. This is also great as it

boosts testosterone and brings the ‘libido’ back which opiates can diminish)

DLPA (this is great unless your tolerance is high, then it doesn’t do


– Curcumin (around 2g taken with Piperine – this potentiates the

potentiator )

DMSO = yup, it’s a potentiator and it seems to feel similarly to how Hordenine & Tribulus bring the ‘magic’ back to strains when tolerance is being a ‘bitch’ so to speak. We are using this stuff for the soaps and lotions, that’s how rubbing the lotion = pain relief and relaxation. It’s an interesting product, look it up: DMSO (organic)

– Khemcorp




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