Khemcorp Principles and Values

Treating those left behind.


Khemcorp funds itself by selling products, but its goal is for this portion to stay small and become an information base that correlate and organises research together to provide easy to digest information for people who are in need and don’t want the trouble of going through all the mumble jumbo of research papers.

Khemcorp Who Is

So by buying products, consumers not only get solutions themselves, but also fund the continuation of Khemcorp to provide useful information to consumers and keep the public informed of the latest treatments available.
Khemcorp supports the treatment of human problems using a holistic and balanced system of psychotherapy, medication, brain hardware and a good health routine.

Khemcorp does not believe that complicated ailments like autism will be solved by one pill or one book, rather it believes that complex human health issues that have not been technologically solved (i.e. genetic tampering), has to be attacked from all angles equally, including the use of polypharmacy and off-label uses of old or current chemicals, as well as new emerging chemicals that may take years to enter the market affordably.

The dream of Khemcorp is to form a crowd funded biotech company, that can provide medical research and solutions without the economies of scales required by the current gargantuan medical industry.

This means the dream is for normal people with little money to access solutions that would otherwise be barred from funding because there “isn’t enough of a market”.

Our current motto is “treating those left behind” by society due to relentless technological changes, income inequality and intellectual unfairness on the unlucky.

We believe in scientific and evidence-based solutions. We do not support theories that have no solid scientific backing or medical evidence. For example we do not support the organic movement, as organic doesn’t always mean better,
and the definition of organic food is vague.

Ideas and Plans change, but the above is the “idealistic” part. To keep our operation lean and focused we are only focused on the following topics for the time being:

  • Reversal of Drug Tolerance
  • Anxiety and Social Anxiety
  • Autism
  • ADD and ADHD (and by extension procrastination and underachievement)
  • Eczema (and related skin disorders)

These we feel are common problems that are often neglected by the medical society, or not taken care of enough with a comprehensive and up to date approach, and within our current capabilities to talk about and address.

If you have any suggestions of things that you feel are of interest please contact us!