This article is work in progress on how to increase oxytocin function and absorption by using the nasal spray properly.

  • Swirl the oxytocin liquid in the oxytocin spray bottle with a gentle circling motion.
  • Oxytocin structure is a peptide (fairly long protein) not a drug (smaller pharmaceutical chemical). This means many people are using Oxytocin wrong.
  • The biggest mistake people make is associating oxytocin intranasal sprays with is suffocating powder like cocaine. This is wrong as the oxytocin is meant to be absorbed via your mucous membranes, not your lungs. insufflation works by putting the drug directly into your circulatory system, oxytocin is meant to directly hit your brain. Oxytocin also doesn’t absorb rapidly like powder.  So people stop snorting the oxytocin, it doesn’t work. Even if it did, you are effectively swallowing most of the liquid and removing it’s effects as Oxytocin will not pass the gut barrier due to its relatively large size.
  • Spray once into the side of your nostril and inhale once very gently.
  • Do not suck/snort it in after you spray, this means you end up swallowing the liquid, the liquid is meant to stay on your mucous membranes so the peptides reach your brain directly, insufflation works for other chemicals like cocaine because those are a powder, oxytocin is a peptide in liquid.
  • Unfortunately yes that means some of the liquid may leak back out – that is perfectly fine.
  • Do not clear your nose before spraying the bottle, as above this clears the nasal passage and will make of the oxytocin peptides stay in your nose, having the peptides constantly in your mucous and close to membranes will maximise the oxytocin function of social effects.
  • The spray is a little strong (a problem we are working on fixing), so aim it at slight angle pointing to the side of your nose facing outside, but not directly up. This is how they did it in the research studies we read.
  • Do not shake the bottle vigorously doing so may destroy the fragile oxytocin peptides (peptides are fragile because they are very long proteins).
  • The effects can be subtle, from experience the most prominent effect if you have autism is suddenly it becomes ok to look others in the eye, or to perform what they call face scanning. People with autism and social anxiety often find it really hard to look at others in the eye or in the face, especially when speaking. The effect is different from other chemicals that deal with anxiety disorders symptom. (Most drugs like alchohol work by depressing your nervous system, oxytocin works by increasing the internal signal of trust and communication.)
  • Sometimes people find better results with spraying it once up both noses. Or spraying twice.
  • Also bear in mind that in the research the increase in social activity was noticed over a few days, not instantly. A lot of times the first two times of exposure to a new chemical will yield a negative result with a person. The first or second time of taking a chemical is never the actual result you will get, usually it takes 3 consecutive days for a drug to achieve its supposed effects.
  • Remember in research oxytocin is NOT a pheromone, we will do more research as to whether it actually works as a spray or not. Technically we may be wrong, but we think oxytocin would have to be in the air in very high concentrations (very expensive..) to have a noticeable effect on others.

Note: Keep the oxytocin refrigerated as much as possible to prevent degradation 


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