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Posted by Joey B. Wong on September 09, 2016  /   Posted in Uncategorized

A semi-slang term used by autistic types and other “weird types” to describe people who have the common brain – meaning their brain has developed normally and do not deviate in chemistry vastly from the mainstream population.

To sensitive people Neurotypicals often appear self-obsessed, uncreative, arrogant, aloof, insensitive, brash, brave and inconsiderate. Many of them would be what we call “douches”. Neurotypicals have a hard time understanding people who are unlike them because most people are like them and the world mostly caters to their tastes.

Neurotypicals have astounding, monstrous social skills compared to sensitive types (like autistic spectrum, highly sensitive people), their brains are massively socially focused to the point of sacrificing other intellectual abilities, this does not mean neurotypicals are dumb, just they devote more of their brain power to networking and building social relations. They also have a tendency to be extremely aware if social conventions and rules are broken and know how to play the social game instinctly.

Smart Neurotypicals are the envy of society, they are the doctors, politicians, elite academics, with a combination of an intelligent brain, at least decent default social abilities and great cognitive control (due to not being dysfunctional), these individuals will climb the ranks to elite status very fast.

Often Neurotypicals will try to fix autistic people, by teaching them using logic that only works for them but does not work for autistic people, because they do not have an understanding of how an autistic feels or sees the world. This leads to some condescending and offensive behaviours.

Another defining attribute of Neurotypicals is their utter attachment to social hierarchy, Neurotypicals very very concerned with their social standing and is acutely aware of everyones social status in a said group. This is why they often bully people who have low social status, to inforce their own social standing. This monkey derived behaviour is very hard for autistic, sensitive people to understand as we tend to not be as affected by social value, this attribute explains Neurotypical’s tendency to appear aggressive and insensitive.

Whilst they bully and punish non-neurotypical people often in groups, they also fear, admire, worship and even love people with social standing higher than them. This obsession is extremely hard for autistic people to understand, but in many cases can lead Neurotypicals to act non rationally to protect people they put as high social value.

The Neurotypical brain also have 2 other advantages, the first being that they have a much much higher threshold for stimulation, fear and pain. This means they are usually more outgoing and aggressive and do so without effort.

The other obvious one, is they are usually physically skilled with sports, and even have an obsession to participating in physical displays of competence. This doesn’t make sense to autistic people, but Neurotypicals feel great when they use their bodies for primal acts of skill, such as kicking a ball. They also admire and worship people who show physical acts of coordination (a method for social value testing and sexual selection)

It is important to emphasize different human brains do not vary with each other masively on a basic level, we all feel fear, we all can be arrogant. Autism and other brain dysfunctions causes the brain to develop differently to Neurotypicals which is why they are so different in temperament and personality.

It is hypothesized that the majority of inventions and human technological leaps may have been to do with mutations that change the brain from Neurotypical to another type – the mutations happening in 1% of the population creating individuals who can think outside of the norm and not be chained by social conventions. Many inventions likely came from people who had a weird way of seeing the world in the first place. The Neurotypical Brain creates a social cohension between human beings allow them to work effectively as teams or in tribes, so this natural development evolution makes sense.

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