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Posted by Joey B. Wong on August 04, 2016  /   Posted in Uncategorized

Memantine is a novel class of medications prescribed for Alzheimer’s disease medication by acting on the glutamatergic system blocking NMDA receptors. There is a modest effect for moderate to severe Alzheimer’s disease and dementia. The interesting thing about Memantine is it’s mechanism of action as a non-competitive binding agent, circumnavigates the problems of other NMDA antagonists, making it an unusual but extremely interesting drug for reversing tolerance to drugs such as Adderall and Nicotine.

There are articles on this website which goes into far detail, with research references on the mechanisms of action of Memantine and its potential to prevent drug tolerance from developing.

Memantine should technically only prevent drug tolerance developiong not reverse it – in the long term this could return effects to previously adapted dosages, though some anecdotal reports say it has instant effects, which we believe may be because of its action as a D2 agonist, which may potentiate some mood effects of other chemicals.

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