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Posted by Joey B. Wong on August 16, 2016  /   Posted in Uncategorized

Looping is an anxiety phenomenon, when continuous repetitive thoughts go in circles, but actually yields no solutions to the actual problem. This state of “mental paralysis” is why anxious people often do the wrong things only to regret it later, when they are out of the loop.

It is important to note that at the time of looping, the thoughts feel very fast, very real and logical, but it actually sabotages the organic process required to escape anxiety.

Autistic people often have intense looping thoughts, under some scenarios – looping is actually advantageous as it can allow repetitive reviews of the same visuals, thoughts or ideas.

This looping can be very uncomfortable for people with anxiety or social anxiety in scenarios where there is a lot of external stimuli such as a social interaction, it can be so uncomfortable it becomes a type of suffering. People stuck in the “loop” often feel trapped, hoping their heads remember the technique it’s taught and come up with a solution, but under looping the creative parts of the brain are shut down and it’s impossible to come up with reflexive witty or smart responses.

The solution to getting out of loop is the parasynthetic response, triggered by medicine or relaxation exercises and techniques, there is no cognitive therapy method to get out of looping and normal people without real anxiety do not get this.

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