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fight or flight

Posted by Joey B. Wong on August 16, 2016  /   Posted in Uncategorized

Fight or flight response in anxiety is best described as actions you take that you do not want to or have control over. This includes shaking, wanting to run home and making an embarrassing response such as a nervous laugh.

Fight or flight response are undesirable social responses, as the actions are often not indicative of the persons actual character, but they are judged as such.

A person may not understand why they acted a certain way when nervous, and may experience a “lockdown” during flight or flight – which is that they are essentially unable to take any action or their brain just completely goes blank for that moment in time.

Biologically fight or flight is a survival mechanisms triggered by the Amygdala overtaking, in some individuals this response is far larger than normal, making them experience fight or flight even under non-threatening scenarios. When this happens fight or flight becomes a debilitating condition that hampers the social life of the said individual.

To make it worst, panic reactions often is interepreted as weakness, as other neurotypicals smell this weakness they will prey, bully and attack the fight or flight victim with subtle social means.

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