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Posted by Joey B. Wong on August 25, 2016  /   Posted in Uncategorized

Amphetamine use is common among university circles, for recreational use and also for peolple suffering ADHD, with Adderall being the most common form, a combination of 4 amphetamine salts. Adderall or amphetamine use gives enhanced focus, motivation and energy for periods of time, but come at the cost of rapid drug tolerance developing, and severe withdrawal symptoms.

Amphetamines and Adderall drug tolerance can be prevented (at low dosages) and slowed down by the use of Memantine, there is well documented research both anecdotal and clinical studies showing the effectiveness of this strategy.

This however DOES NOT change the real problems of Adderall – As the world’s most powerful dopamine agent, Amphetamines and its more dangerous cousin Methamphetamine forces unnatural Dopamine release at the synaptic clef. As it does not simply inhibit reupdate or work as a dopamine agonist, this extreme Dopamine release is extremely toxic to cells and as a result also provides a rapid response in tolerance.

Increasing Amphetamine/Adderall dosage to retain it’s positive mood effects is a losing strategy. Reverse tolerance protocols will not work if you keep increasing the dosage, as the tremendous side effects of Amphetamines and Adderall will cancel any sort of drug potentiation, or tolerance reversal.

In the long term Amphetamines causes downregulation of the entire dopamine network in the brain, leading to extensive lethargy that is very hard to reverse, the brain becomes used to this kind of destructive dopamine release.

In low doses and for ADHD Adderall is a useful drug, but many people abuse it – thinking they will be immune to the side effects and withdrawal. Its other cousin MDMA(or Ecstacy) is brain damaging. – If you question this logic, tell me – why can people do other drugs daily, but not MDMA? Of course Adderall is a weaker form of it’s cousins, but the same problems will occur at high dosages.

Amphetamine class drugs are one of the few drugs that you can almost never recover from if you abuse it and damage your synaptic network. This is why meth is such a big problem, it’s not the withdrawals, its the complete inability to function and feel once high tolerance is developed without Amphetamines.


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