What are Brain Waves? and How Does Audio-Visual Entrainment Work to Enhance Our Minds?

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brain waves pain anxiety age

Brain Entrainment for Cognitive Enhancement and Brain Waves What is the premise behind Brain Entrainment? Simply put, the contention is that producing different brain frequencies–whether by light, sound, or tactile input–will stimulate the brain to fall into a Frequency Following Response (FFR); it is like playing follow-the-leader. Ideally you could cause the brain to leave […]

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Where Medical Institutions End and Brain Hacking Begins

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Anyone who is not a neurotypical – be it brain damaged from natural cerebral disasters, degenerative diseases or born neuro dysfunctional and different. Knows that medical institutions have a severe limitation when it comes to addressing problems of the mind. Or any problem not deemed worthy of the medical institution to address. In this article […]

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Limitless Drug – Does it Exist? How to Buy Online? (Updated)

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Are you hunting for a real Limitless pill? We have seen in the movie Limitless that individuals who consume a drug called NZT 48 become highly superior individuals. The drug is said to make one smarter and bubbling with energy, besides allowing you to unleash your brain’s full potential. NZT 48 is said to give […]

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How to Increase Oxytocin Function and Absorption Properly

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Oxytocin Love Potion

This article is work in progress on how to increase oxytocin function and absorption by using the nasal spray properly. Swirl the oxytocin liquid in the oxytocin spray bottle with a gentle circling motion. Oxytocin structure is a peptide (fairly long protein) not a drug (smaller pharmaceutical chemical). This means many people are using Oxytocin wrong. The […]

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