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Memantine Dosage and Titration for Drug Tolerance and ADHD

Posted by Joey B. Wong on November 27, 2014  /   no comment

Short Term Effects on Tolerance Anecdotally, Memantine has possibly immediete effects on opiate and amphetamine tolerance. In these mice, the co-administration of memantine and MRZ 2/579, but not dextromethorphan, resulted in the reversal of morphine tolerance. In experiment 3, memantine and MRZ 2/579 (10 mg/kg) inhibited the acute antinociceptive effect of morphine, but dextromethorphan did […]

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Oxytocin for Autism and Social Anxiety – Research Summary

Posted by Joey B. Wong on June 10, 2014  /   no comment

What are Peptides? Peptides are powerful biological signalling mechanisms, to put simply they are small proteins, most notably used by athletes to stimulate production of human growth hormone, bioidentical peptides have a variety of potential uses in terms of treating mental dysfunction and human enhancement. In the body peptides function in many roles, such as […]

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Proglumide – Anecdotal Experiences from the Internet

Posted by Joey B. Wong on May 20, 2014  /   no comment

Here are some comments we sourced from over the internet: I took ONE 200mg tab of proglumide 8 days ago and my tolerance is still drastically lower. I cant believe it. I went from taking 60-90 mg of oxy at a time to 15 mg at a time However now I am experiencing significant anxiety because I am still […]

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