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Why You Should Give More Time for a Drug to Work

Posted by Joey B. Wong on October 13, 2015  /   no comment
memantine dosage

A lot of people think that they can test and assess a drug instantly and reap the benefits, whilst this may be true for some very fast acting drugs, it eclipses a lot of other strategies that can be equally effective if given a few weeks, and a lot of people end up missing out […]

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Memantine Experiences for Drug Tolerance of all Kinds

Posted by Joey B. Wong on September 11, 2015  /   7 comments
memantine opiate potentiation

Memantine the Unknown Drug Tolerance Prevention Chemical Memantine has had been a well kept secret for drug tolerance prevention. Over the years many people have toyed with it hoping to use it to abuse recreational drugs and not develop tolerance, this backfired obviously. Most notably for trying to the higher and higher dosages of Adderall […]

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What are Brain Waves? and How Does Audio-Visual Entrainment Work to Enhance Our Minds?

Posted by Joey B. Wong on September 03, 2015  /   no comment
brain waves pain anxiety age

Contents1 Brain Entrainment for Cognitive Enhancement and Brain Waves2 Who discovered Brain Waves?3 Better Techniques and Technology4 Pathologies5 How does it work?6 Origins7 Neurofeedback8 Audio Visual Entrainment (AVE) Brain Entrainment for Cognitive Enhancement and Brain Waves What is the premise behind Brain Entrainment? Simply put, the contention is that producing different brain frequencies–whether by light, […]

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Where Medical Institutions End and Brain Hacking Begins

Posted by Joey B. Wong on August 26, 2015  /   no comment

Anyone who is not a neurotypical – be it brain damaged from natural cerebral disasters, degenerative diseases or born neuro dysfunctional and different. Knows that medical institutions have a severe limitation when it comes to addressing problems of the mind. Or any problem not deemed worthy of the medical institution to address. In this article […]

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Oxytocin Supplement – Potential Anti-Anxiety Uses

Posted by Joey B. Wong on August 25, 2015  /   1 comment
Oxytocin Love Potion

Contents1 What is Oxytocin?2 Clinical Use of Oxytocin3 Other Potential Clinical Uses of Oxytocin4 Research Findings using oxytocin on human subjects5 What is Autism? 6 Potential Use of Oxytocin to treat Autism7 What is anxiety?8 Treatment9 Potential Use of Oxytocin Supplement to Treat Anxiety What is Oxytocin? The pituitary gland in the brain produces a […]

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Do Pheromones Work?

Posted by Joey B. Wong on August 11, 2015  /   no comment
oxytocin love communication

Contents1 What are pheromones?2 What are the differences between pheromones and hormones?3 The role of pheromones in animal mating4 Do pheromones play a role in the courting and mating rituals of humans?5 How has the Cosmetic Industry capitalized on the use of pheromones?6 Are there scientific research papers to substantiate the claims? Does pheromone perfume […]

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Function of Oxytocin

Posted by Joey B. Wong on August 04, 2015  /   no comment
Function of Oxytocin

One of the hormones very frequently mentioned by relationship advisers, magazines and online sources for counseling, is Oxytocin. The hormone Oxytocin is secreted by the pituitary gland in the brain, and released from there. The major function of Oxytocin is in women, during and immediately after childbirth. During childbirth, it helps the female reproductive tract […]

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Memantine Research Summary Explained – The Basics

Posted by Joey B. Wong on August 01, 2015  /   no comment
memantine opiate potentiation

Contents1 Memantine Research Summary Explained – The Basics2 What is Memantine?3 Memantine Nootropic, Tolerance Reversal, Autism and More4 Memantine’s Mechanism of Action – How It Works5 Main Action (Glutamatergic NMDA Receptor)6 Secondary Actions7 The Unique Traits that Make Memantine Truly Unique8 Research References: Memantine Research Summary Explained – The Basics What is Memantine? Memantine is […]

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