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Aspergers and Anxiety – Why Are They Linked? What Can Be Done?

Posted by Joey B. Wong on August 17, 2017  /   no comment
aspergers and anxiety

Contents1 Do you have a similar memory?2 The problem with Aspergers? This threat trip wire is triggered way too easily because of differences in stimulatory tolerances.3 What can be done? Aspergers and Anxiety4 Reading5 Medications6 Practice7 Today Me Do you have a similar memory? I was about 14 years old. The lunch break was only […]

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Ultimate List Of Autism Medication & Aspergers Medication & Treatments

Posted by Joey B. Wong on April 13, 2017  /   no comment
autism medication

Contents1 Intro2 Information for Parents3 Conventional Treatments4 The Big WARNING about Main Treatments5 SSRI6 Antipsychotics7 Innovative, Advanced and Novel Treatments for8 Autism and Aspergers9 Hormonal Treatment10 Novel Use of Current Medicines11 In Development and Can’t Be Sourced Yet12 Plant Extracts, Herbal Medicine and the like.13 Nootropics14 Brain Entrainment15 Mind Alive Products16 Neurofeedback17 This Is a […]

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How to Get Oxytocin Orgasm? – Research Summary for both Men and Women

Posted by Joey B. Wong on October 11, 2016  /   no comment
oxytocin orgasm

Contents1 Can Oxytocin Help Achieving Orgasms or Make Them Better?2 The Role Oxytocin Plays in Sex and Orgasm3 What the Research Says – Could Oxytocin be Used to Trigger or Raise Orgasms?4 Oxytocin in Men5 Oxytocin in Women6 CONCLUSION(S): Long-term intranasal oxytocin and placebo administration both improved sexual function and symptoms of depression in women over […]

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Approach Anxiety – The Autistic Socially Awkward Guide to Conquering it

Posted by Joey B. Wong on September 13, 2016  /   no comment
approach anxiety

Contents1 Approach Anxiety – The Anxiety Suffer’s Guide to Conquering It2 So What’s Going On? What Does It Feel Like? What Actually is Social Anxiety?3 The Secret to Beating Approach Anxiety – What’s the solution?4 Mental Concepts to Understand in Dealing With Approach Anxiety5 Mental State Going In (Save on your phone)6 The Method (Save […]

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Eczema Diet Plan – Ultimate Guide on How To Diet for Eczema

Posted by Joey B. Wong on February 16, 2016  /   1 comment
eczema and diet

Contents1 How Diet Affects Eczema2 Allergies are Misunderstood3 Finding Out your Allergies4 My Eczema Diet Plan5 Things I always avoid during week days –6 Things I try/mostly to avoid in week days, but not an absolute rule:7 Things I avoid all the time (weekends included):8 Intermediate Fasting9 When your skin gets better How Diet Affects Eczema […]

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Pharmaceutical Research

Posted by timeetc on January 26, 2016  /   no comment

First Newsletter Ever. Keep reading beyond the foreword for useful or at the very least entertaining text regarding the latest pharmaceutical research applicable to you. Don’t miss the discounts for certain products, as well as more subscriber only products coming soon after we stock up! Table of Contents Links May Not Work on Phone (Please […]

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Oxytocin Nasal Spray – The Biochemistry – Research Summary

Posted by Joey B. Wong on October 22, 2015  /   no comment
oxytocin love communication

We read some interesting stuff about Oxytocin in current Stanford University clinical trials. If they were doing it, it must be a pretty big deal right. Contents1 Is Oxytocin Therapy a Social Anxiety Cure All?2 Does Oxytocin Pass the Blood Brain Barrier (BBB)?3 What Makes the Mucous Membrane (The Nose) Special for Peptide Administration?4 Where […]

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Kratom Potentiation Guide

Posted by Joey B. Wong on October 22, 2015  /   1 comment
kratom potentiation

Thanks to  the guys at  KratomEye for these suggestions for Kratom potentiation. – Black Seed Oil (cumin seed) – Hordenine (very minute amounts, 5 – 20mg, even. MAO-B inhibitor – works great if you don’t use too much) – Tribulus Terrestris (a milder MAO-B inhibitor. This is also great as it boosts testosterone and brings […]

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