About Us & FAQ

Where We Are Based

HongkongNightSkyline_2009JulyThis is where we are based. Hong Kong is a developed first alpha+ world city, a former British colony with high standards in safety and law. It’s GDP per capita is one of the highest amongst developed countries. It doesn’t quite have the celebrity status of New York, London, Paris and so on, but that’s mainly because it largely operates in finance and trading. Most goods you buy go through Hong Kong’s port at some point.

We are located in a small suburb in the city known as the Hong Kong Gold Coast, not quite as pretty or big as the Australian one, it does have a beach and great barbecue though…


Being located in Hong Kong, allows us to ensure quality of the chemicals we provide by contacting manufacturers directly and also travelling to visit and meet them on site. This really does go beyond the capability of most western website who import from China but are unable to support the logistics in seeing the manufacturers themselves.

Are Your Products from China?

I am going to settle this once and for all by answering yes, and in answering yes I would like to point to the fact that China is also the largest producer of many health supplements including vitamin C (Absorbic Acid) . A lot of the manufacturers featured on Amazon, iHerb and Nutraplanet will not tell you where their products are from, because most of it comes from China. They usually will answer that all their suppliers meet the GMP (General Manufacturing Practice) standard – which is true, but leave out the info about the stuff coming from China.

Large western companies simply will not manufacture niche substances for low cost, nor will they manufacture anything short of a utterly massive order. Research chemicals in the West are sold for exorbitant prices. In the future we would like to be able to have things manufactured in the West, but at the moment this is impossible for us. This is why even most large sports supplements import from China – and those are being ingested by millions and millions of people everyday without problem.

Chinese products are in countless varieties of ordinary food in the form of additives, preservatives and so on. A product that says its made in the USA or Italy does not mean all the ingredients come from that country (unless the product explicitly says so)

To assure quality we only buy from manufacturers,which we are sure are not intermediaries (middle men), and already manufacture large amounts of other industrially used supplements and medicines such as Melatonin, Paracetamol, Lactose as example.

About Me

Khemcorp was created after I had bought Proglumide off the internet from a website called Kratom Dragon and never received it, as a result of my frustration of being unable to obtain this useful product I have decided to start my own website selling it.

I have had serious health issues since the age of 3, you can read my whole story here.

I am originally from the UK, though have moved to Hong Kong due to economic difficulty in Europe. My personal information is publicly online and visible on whois.

So I decided to start a website that would sell novel khems, a clear cut website, guaranteed purity and basically in the long term anything that people are seeking but not readily available to the masses for reasonable prices yet , such as Oxytocin, NSI, Certain nootropics and so on.

Our motto is miscellaneous items for enhanced research, and recently – treating those left behind. As of July 2016 we are now a small team of people lead by me.


Frequently Asked Questions

I like Paypal. Why is it unavailable?

We liked Paypal too – we used them for half a year from the launch of this website. Until right before the New Years Eve of 2014, a supposedly happy time for me. Paypal decided to freeze khemcorps account, as well as a bunch of other linked accounts completely unrelated to chemical businesses. Yes I was screwed by Paypal. I later learned online this happens often, and that Paypal makes its money by earning interest on holding people’s money hostage. It was alerted to my account after an unusually large sum was deposited for a sale made on a completely different website. I have still not managed to get my money back yet and have no idea if I will ever.

I wish I discovered this website http://www.screw-paypal.com/ way before we got banned.

As a result we are “permanently limited” aka banned from Paypal. So we are looking into other options, in the meantime we found that Bitcoin may be a great alternative. You see Khemcorp’s business model would be considered high risk by merchants so few people will openly accept us, the extortionate high transaction costs of high risk merchants means everything will be more expensive on Khemcorp which we would not like, unfortunately Paypal did actually have loose regulations (ironically the reason of the ban was lidocaine cream which you can buy on amazon and ebay…)

For Bitcoins please check out the article : What are Bitcoins? Where do I buy them? How do I pay with Bitcoins? – Khemcorp’s Guide on Bitcoins

Your products are a complete RIP OFF, X Product at X Company is cheaper – Why buy from you?

There are a couple of reasons, firstly economies of scale, we are so small that everything is expensive cost wise at our level, secondly if our prices are lowered we will get more orders than we can handle, which will lead to a highly dissatisfactory customer base which will come back to us negatively at some point.

Thirdly, we give back to people in the form of research summaries, we provide free information to the public about treatments available, without anyone buying our products we would have no funding to keep the blog running or maintained with up to date information. FYI the volume we sell is extremely low, so no your money isn’t going to some fat cat thats driving Ferrari’s around, snorting coke off naked women etc…The money really goes to things like toilet paper and things to just keep going in this awful economic inequality situation.

So we hope you understand that and can support us, given that if you are here you have access to all the useful information we have written for free. You can just buy from us once and never again, that will still be a kind of donation.

Why buy from you, when I can just source bulk from Alibaba?

The thing with Alibaba is there are a lot of scams, most of the companies there are agents that will just get you whatever from whatever company, but for more hard to get chemicals like Oxytocin and Proglumide the chances are you will be given fakes. At Khemcorp we go to pharmaceutical expos to find our suppliers, so if they have a booth there it is unlikely to be a fake company. We also send our chemicals for testing, and can vet the suppliers by documentation and also by on-site visit, due to our proximity in Hong Kong.

Also you will likely have to buy in volume, so if you get fakes you will have paid a lot of money for nothing.

Buying from Khemcorp saves all this hassle, and again it isn’t really that there isn’t any other option, its us asking for you to give us your support/donation.

How long does shipping take?

We ship with tracking and generally the product should arrive under 7 days, if not the longest wait should be no more than 14 days. We also offer an EMS shipping option which generally arrive in 3 working days.

Update 3/11/2014 – This description above proved to be extremely optimistic, after months of doing this in reality EMS shipping option is within a few working days, but for the air mail it’s actually anything from 7 days to 21 days, usually 14 days is the norm. Packages do get stuck in customs. Also the tracking for regular airmail is very limited compared to courier.

It’s expensive for us to ship courier too, but it just seems to get there without fuss much better than airmail.

Do you have a refund policy?

Not if you had the whole bottle already, but if you have taken just say 2 capsules and all the capsules are more or less there. I would be more than happy to give you a refund once you send the product back.

We will refund fully if the customer didn’t manage to receive the product. We also offer re-shipping for free if there had been issues with shipping the first time.

For purchases on Bitcoins there is 100% refund guarantee if you are dissatisfied.

Whilst refunds are technically case by case for credit card payments, most of the time, unless we suspect fraud or foul play – we will refund.

We have been doing this for 2 years now, and generally have no complaints with our policy handling. If you have questions please contact us.

This website is really confusing, your website talks in different angles and it just feels off…

I think if people come here via the things they are searching for, then they usually already know what they want.

The confusing style is because the website needs to “work” for things like google so there are certain things I had to do to make the website work for search, on the other hand there are certain legal boundaries we cannot cross, so we have to put disclaimers and we have to approach it like the way we have been.

So yes, we do contradict, its a shame that the website can’t be how we envisioned it to be.

We also welcome feedback so please do tell us what your thoughts/doubts regarding the website are.

When will you sell other novel stuff?

It’s in the pipeline, but I’m looking to build the website block by block. I am very interested in novel methods for human enhancement. I also want the best quality possible for myself and my/our customers.

Update 3/11/2014 – We are trying to include more things, but we have decided to be selective about the quality and focus of the website. We feel the main goal should be to help people reduce tolerance and live better lives, also Khemcorp is not the kind of thing that can grow large for many reasons. We will keep small and deliver quality and useful things.

I think content is important. There doesn’t seem to be good information online about tolerance, so I would like to write about it. Pain/withdrawal is an awful thing.

Is this safe to ingest? Will this work?

If you so risk by researching on yourself, then we can not be liable in anyway for your decision to consume a chemical sold for research and not for human ingestion.  I can only point you to the evidence of these products being used in human trials and so on, and evidence of them working, but I can’t legally tell you that its safe to ingest, because I am not a doctor, we are not an online pharmacy.

With that said, the very best attempts are made in researching and by testing these products on myself to ensure their safety and quality whatever that may be worth to you ( I sincerely believe in being a a quality test myself ).

As for whether this would work if you were to proceed, it really depends on the person. For most part there isn’t really any reason for me to sell 1 or 2 products of things that didn’t really work. I’m doing it because I have good reason to think it works from what I’ve seen, read and experienced.

I have other questions about your product, dosage suggestions, and so on.

Feel free to drop me an email. I’ll answer what I can, and try to point you to where to look if I can’t.